35 reasons to visit Greece

35 reasons to come to Greece! Yes, why should you visit Greece on holidays and not go elsewhere? Why Greece and not another European country? Why do we like the Greeks? There are 35 good reasons.

Greece was the place where were born democracy and philosophy. In Greece, people are living passion and love for good food and drinks but especially for family and friends.

I present to you 50 reasons that I believe the most important.
1. The Greek likes spending time lazily, especially during the week ends.
2. He likes to enjoy every moment of the day.
3. Greeks are surprising and supply us with many fresh news. You are never fed up in Greece.
4. As their ancestors, they like to discuss.
5. They live close to nature.
6. They want to spend time with their families and their friends.
7. They lives every moment, thinking life is short
8. The Romans, the Venetians and the Turks have enjoyed staying in Greece.
9. 75% of the country has beautiful mountains
10. Stunning Greek coasts and beaches.
11. The villages of the islands are wonderful.
12. History is to see with hundreds of Greek museums.
13  Visitors like Mediterranean diet…  feta and fresh fish…
14. Greek food is not only Souvlaki and Tzatziki!
15. Breakfast in good small hotels are Greek.
16. Take coffee in Greece is really a nice moment of the day.
17.  Beers served in Greece are always cool and fresh.
18.  Athens is a historic gem and there’s fun until the early morning… This is valid also for Thessaloniki
19.  The open-air markets are filled with fresh products and popular environment.
20. There are still many islands and places that are not at all touristic.
21. There are more than 1.200 islands in Greece. You have choices to make !
22.  Many places in Greece are difficult to access for their natural beauty.
23.  From May to September, visitors rarely see clouds in the sky.
24.  Mykonos island or is known for its best « beach party » in Europe.
25   but Mykonos is also an island with invaluable natural beauty… Idem for Santorini and elsewhere.
26.  Mount Athos is prohibited to women. A mysterious and unexplored place for the curious visitors.
27. Greece, a place for trekking, hiking and climbing.
28. Sunsets that will delight you for the rest of the day.
29. Greece with a very large number of churches, chapels and monasteries. Go and discover Orthodox Christianity.
30. The country where was born Alexandre the great.
31. Greece and places of worship (sanctuaries) unique in the world.
32. Greece where was born theatre including tragedy…
33. Greeks are welcoming and warm.
34. Greeks sing and dance the syrtaki at the moment they hear music.
35. Greeks are attractive: tall, strong and mature. An appealing Mediterranean look
Do you have any other important reasons to give us ?


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