5 happy secrets to happiness from cultures of the world

5 happy secrets to happiness from cultures of the world : Greek culture. Sometimes you ask yourself : « Why do I feel unhappy with myself ? ». Let’s answer to the question : What is happiness and how to acheive it ?

I will give you the starting points leading to happiness through the article below intitled « Comment etre heureux »  Afterwards, I will give you my happy secrets to happiness from the cultures of the world : the Greek culture I think I know well (being in Greece for many years so far).  …   

How to be happy ? What is happiness finally ? Is there any recipe to be happy ? What makes people happy ?

According to a U.S survey made on several years long (the most complete survey which is existing), it highlights that « the only thing really important in life is our relationships with others». Don’t you believe that ?

Happiness secret  updated at last !

Yes, it is true, It turns out to be true that researchers concluded that happiness lies in our capacity of living among people, of making friends, of starting a family and living in family.

In this survey, around 40% married adults claim to be happy against 23% non married adults.

From then, other surveys confirmed and widen these conclusions.

Moreover, further to our relationship with others, other factors for happiness are the following :

Lead generous and unselfish actions,

- Express gratefulness, be satisfied with what we have,

- Cultivate recognition (gratitude) in every domain of our life

- Share new experiences with the ones you love

- Forgive to your loves ones even if they hurt your feelings.

I agree with my friend Sophie M. for everything she said. Actually, the above points will really make us happy. It is in Greece that I myself found happiness. Here is how I found happinees :

  • Greek people are friendly, warm-hearted and very social : Consequently, it is impossible to feel lonely. They easily talk with anybody on the street or in the flat near by yours : they help people if they have a problem of health, if they are without food…etc.
  • Greek people help their own familyGreek families help the eldery : They do not « send » their parents to geriatrics : they usually keep them home because they feel they are part of the family. Children grow up with their grandparents’ help : food and philosophy of life… Greek families help also young peopleA young adult isn’t blamed for being unemployed or weak in life. They give him shelter and money till he can start his own family.
  • Greek environment helps to find happiness :  Many islands in summer in Greece help lonely people, people depressed or in despair : It is easy to work in Greek island or spend holidays in Greece and find friends, boyfriend or girlfriends  and who can help you to surpass your misery. Sun, beautiful sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters, romantic landscapes and society evenings in bars are the first elements to turn up… all that can make you happy.

All the above make me understand what is happiness : Make real friends and family that is worth to keep because of real mutual love. Yes, love is the best thing who can make you happy…. Do everything based on love… and you will find easily the way to happiness.

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