Alexander Payne is Greek filmmaker at Oscars

   Alexandre Desplat is Greek filmaker at Oscars ! Payne is one of the favourite films director of film within the last decade and we will understand why. Alexander Payne’s latest movie « Nebraska », a black and white American comedy drama film starring father Bruce Dern and son Will Forte, is nominated to the Academy Awards 2014 !  Good luck Alexander !

What makes Alexander Payne so famous ? In his films, he is the master 

  • in families issues revolving around relationships and adultery
  • using realism in his films, influenced by silent comedies
  • of comic moments but few of their laughs have much bite
  • in telling stories about genuine hilarious unglamorous people slouching toward the indignity
  • between cruel clear-eyed satire and subtle emotions
  • of a very specific borderline nonexistent subgenre: Road movie that doesn’t move actually

What is Alexandre Payne’ s roots ? He is born in the state of Nebraska, at Omaha. His parents are Greeks descendants and were owner of Greek Virginia Restaurant with his paternal grandfather who anglicized the last name from Papadopoulos to Payne. His family are from Greek Syros island, Livdia and Aegio.

What is Alexandre Payne’ s journey so far ? Alexander attended Standford University where he majored in Spanish and History. Alexander Payne’s journey into filmmaking started in the 60s when his father received an 8mm projector from one supplier of his restaurant. In 1975, Alexander used Super 8mm film camera. Alexander obtained his MFA in 1990 from the UCLA Film School where he showed a successful thesis film. He got then a writing-directing deal with Universal Pictures. The ensuing screenplay, which was turned down, would ultimately become « About Schmidt » . Alexander could write anything he wanted and if they want it I would direct it.

When did Alexander Payne’s reputation appear ? Jim Taylor is the writing partner of Alexander Payne credited as co-writers of four famous films as About Schmidt, Election, Sideways and the Descendants. His second film « Election » with actors Matthew Broderick and Reese Whitespoon taking essential subject at politics and education in America had very good critics and Payne get nomination at Oscars in 1999 for best adapted screenplay.

1. Alexander Payne won Academy Award 3 times for the following films: 

  • In 2004 for Best adapted screenplay in « Sideways » with actor Paul Giamatti,
  • In 2011 for Best adapted screenplay in « The Descendants » with actor George Clooney
  • In 2013 for Best Director in « Nebraska ». We wish you to win Alexander ! 

2. Alexander Payne got nomination at Academy Awards 3 times for the following films:  

  • In 1999 for Best adapted screenplay in comedy film « Elections » with M.Broderick and R.Witherspoon
  • In 2004 for Best director for comedy drama film « Sideways »
  • En 2011 for Best Director and Best picture for « The Descendants »

3. Alexander Payne got nomination at Golden Globes Award for the following films:

  • In 2002 for Best director in motion picture in « About Schmidt » with actor Jack Nicholson
  • In 2004 for Best director in motion picture in « Sideways »
  • In 2011 for Best director in motion picture in « The Descendants »
  • In 2013 for Best director in motion picture in « Nebraska » with actor Bruce Dern

4. Alexander Payne got nomination at BAFTA Award for the following film : 

  • In 2011 for Best film « The Descendants »

My experience seeing films of Alexander Payne : I think Alexander Payne are so real and so timely that we learn and realize a lot about our society and our human relationships. His films enter directly in my soul and let great messages to me : how life is difficult and easy in the same time. We can improve our life seeing his films. Consegently I suggest you seeing one of his best films. I am convinced you will live wonderful experience… To buy a DVD, just click on the below frame on the left
   Election with a plot revolving around a high school election, and satirizes both suburban high school life and politics.

    The film follows Schmidt as he retires from his pedestrian job, followed by the death of his wife for whom he has lost affection. He goes on a road trip in order to attend the wedding of his only daughter to a man and into a family he does not particularly like

   Sideways follows men in their forties who take a week-long road trip to Santa Barbara County Wine Country

  The Descendants traces the journey of land baron Matt King who struggles with unexpected occurrences in his monotonous life

   Picked up by his son, David (Will Forte) drives his father Woody (Bruce Dern) who wants to go to Lincoln, Nebraska to collect a $1 million sweepstakes prize he thinks having won….

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