Aphrodisiac aromatherapy essential oils

  Best aphrodisiac essential oil has to be used as St Valentine day is coming ! Aphrodisiac essential oils are substance that increases calm, positivity and even sexual desire. Aphrodisiac comes from the Greek « Αφροδισιακό » (aphrodisiako) belonging to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexuality and love. Here is below my aphrodisiac essential oils list conducive to intimacy.

What are essential oils aphrodisiac properties ? The essential oils in this synergy blend are reputed to promote a feeling of stress relieving, positive energy, physical and psychological safety and wellbeing. Pleasant aroma of essential oils are nice for just relaxing, reading or talking. They can wake from tenderness up to preparation for sensual acts.Breathe Easy:

Essential oils can also have Therapeutic properties : People suffering of seasonal allergy can use the essential oils for congestion-relief. The oil blends tend to go overboard with the eucalyptus for instance.

How to use essential oil aphrodisiac ? As following, there are many ways to use essential oils to make you feel good.

  • as a body scrub or used it in your hair, alone or with coconut or almond oil base
  • a few drops to your warm bath for relaxing and sensual experience
  • used in body massage with SPA products
  • toss it in the wash with sheets and towels, put a drop on your pillows
  • in a oil warmer or burner for your home
  • in a diffuser and it makes a wonderful scent filling your rooms
  • to perfume the inside of your car
  • to scent handmade soap and candles
  • to mix with home made lotions, cream, cologne or other products


2. Synergy Blends Top 6 by Edens Garden, 100 % pure, essential Oil Gift set 6 x 10ml. Package containing 6 basic therapeutic grade aromatherapy samplers packs. They are named Aphrodisiac, Stress relief, Purification, Relaxation, Hope, Stay alert. Personaly, I loved the 6 oils : I don’t think that any of the oils overpower one another. Beautiful fragrances which really lift your spirit. Good idea for a gift as the pack arrived in a lovely box.

3. Aromatherapy Top 6 : Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Orange, Peppermint. 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Basic Sampler Essential Oil Gift Set- 6/10 ml. Orange oil:  fights colds, constipation, gas, gum diseases and stress and very sweet smell, my favourite actually. Lavender: extremely calming so it’s often used to fight acne, allergies, depression, migraines etc. Eucalyptus oil are know to face respiratory disorders from colds. Tea tree oil and lemongrass are natural acne cure applied directly to my daughter skin or diluted for my senstive oily skin. Peppermint oil: it make your house smell perfect during the summer in Greece

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