Best greek iced coffee is Nescafe Frappe

  The best greek iced coffee is Nescafe Frappe in Greece. It is Greek way of life especially in summer in all Greece. How to make greek style coffee named Coffee Frappe (καφέ φραπέ in greek) ? It is very simple…

This Café frappé is made without thinking everyday in Greeks by Greek people : at home, at the office, at the cafes, on the beach. It is iced strong coffee promoted the last 40 years by Nescafe in all Greece and it became a way of life since then. This Cafe frappe drink gathers the below advantages :

  • it is good for health if it is consumed in moderation (once per day is enough)
  • it tastes of strong coffee,
  • it is a refreshing drink especially if you add ice
  • it is quite envigorating for day long 

Now I lay bare the Greek iced coffee Nescafe Frappe It is very easy and quick recipe to applicate. You will need the following ingredients and devices :

  • Nescafe coffee powder,
  • cafe frappe maker or failing that, a simple shaker,
  • a spoon or two of white suger
  • a spoon of concentrated milk (optional)
  • ice cubes (optional)
  • a straw
Where to buy cafe frappe maker and Nescafe frappe powder ? The best is to have a Coffee frappe maker at home or an electric frother (very pratical) because it creates a nice thick amount of foam (sugar is completly dissolved in coffee). A shaker will create foam which does not incorporate into the coffee & water and remains well separated on the top. If you do not have or if you feel that you will have difficulty finding cafe frappe maker and Nescafe frappe powder, I propose you to buy them


   The Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker is a coffee machine blender that create frosty frappes

   Handheld battery-powered milk frother for coffee making instead. It create delicate foam for Nescafe coffee frappe. A less expensive solution and easy to carry.

      This instant coffee by Nescafe is used for making the famous Greek frappe iced coffee.

Now how to make greek Coffee Frappe ? As I said before, is is easy to make. You will need only 30 seconds ! First, in a glass with tight fitting lid, add 1 teaspoon of instant Nescafe, 3 tablespoons of cold water and 1 teaspoon of sugar (1 teaspoon of sugar is for medium sweet coffee). Then, put it into the frother, push the electric button and let shake for 10 seconds until the mixture appears to be almost thick  foam. Then, add very cold water, 3 ice cubes (optional), milk (optional) and there you have it !

How to drink frappe ? You have to drink this coffee slowly with the straw. It is supposed to be part of a starting moment in the morning before going to work or to be part of a relaxing moment in the afternoon after six o’clock.  It is the way Greek people drink it.

Nescafe frappe coffee is almost a symbol of popular wisdom among greek people. It comes with moments of joys and distraction among friends. For example, the classic picture seen in Greece or in Greek way of life abroad is the following. An amusing part of backgammon or Tavli in Greek language…  with a cigarette and a Cafe frappe of course

My experience : I drink Cafe frappe in summer from May to November every morning at my office, before starting working. In that way, I take the necessary energy for 8 full jours of unstopped work. Drinking this coffee, I feel strong, happy and refreshed. In winter, I replace it with hot Necafe.

How to make hot Nescafe ? In a coffee cup, I add 1 full teaspoon of instant Nescafe, 2 tablespoon of cold water and 2 teaspoons of sugar (2 teaspoons of sugar is for sweet coffee). Then, I make a whipped cream using a tablespoon (quick smal circular movements at the bottom of the cup to dissolve the sugar into the coffee & water). When I get a somehow brown-white cream, I pour boiled hot water, slowly enough to obtain a frothy coffee cup.






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