Best New York fashion Greek designer Joanna Mastroianni

Joanna Mastroianni bio is interesting. She is the one who has aspired creation of beauty her whole life. What are the factors explaining how she has come to reign in the difficult world of American fashion ? Take her as an example of possible carrier success !

After successful New York fashion week at Lincoln center in Big Apple, the greek Joanna Mastroianni has great future ahead of her. Her dresses are chosen by many stars

  • for the red carpet. Jane Seymour, Alicia Keys, Eva Longoria, Beyonce, Padma Lakshmi and Carol Alt. From the Academy, Tony, and Grammy awards,
  • for Hollywood movies. She dressed Sara Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis for Sex and the City 2. But sooner in the past, she dressed Michelle Pheiffer in Tequila Sunrise and Melanie Griffith in Bonfire of the Vanities.
  • in leading international magazines as Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, W, Cosmopolitan, Ebony, and Glamour.

What are the keys of Joanna Mastroianni’a success that you can follow?

  • Passion is apparent in every detail she creates and in every project she is involved in.
  • She is entirely devoted to her work but she knows to form and keep familial and professional contacts with the people she loves. She always try to stay on good terms with her partners.
  • She remains simple, warm-hearted, kind and fair with anybody she deals with.
  • She detects all year long the new trends, combining her european sensibility with worldwide cultural and economical existing situation. She has a clear vision of modern, fashion forward women : feminin character, elegance, and timeless beauty.
  • She managed to develop a good reliable professionnal network and to use her connexions in the  right time
  • She travelled to find the right place to live and work.
  • She never loose hope and faith, even if sometimes time were extremely difficult for her. She always find a way to stand up again.

Joanna Mastroianni bio is interesting because she started from scratch:  She was born in the small island of Nisyros in Greece. At age of 3, she spent a lot of time looking at her aunt making dresses up and then she tried to stitch pieces of material together.  She left the greek island of Nisyros in 1967 at the age of nine with her parents, with the second big emigrating wave. Her entrepreneurial career started at the age of ten, creating dress ensembles for her Barbie dolls and selling them to neighborhood girlfriends. While still a student at Fashion Institute of Technology in N.Y, Mastroianni’s vision and passion for beautiful fashion raised the attention of Henry Bendel, giving her a first order. Bergdorf Goodman featured in their windows, her premier collection under her signature label. In 1987, she opens her workroom in Manhattan at NYC..

Jane Seymour, Oscar 2002 

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