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APIVITA is Greece’s leading manufacturer in natural products. APIVITA’s inspiration are the honey bee, nature and biodiversity of Greece. Combined with propolis and essential oils, Apivita innovates the unique and perfect PROPOLINE product range for hair care. My husband and I tested all the below products and we can tell you that everything changed for us when we started using natural Greek cosmetics Propoline Apivita.

My experience :

I tried many shampoos for thinning hair during my seasonal hair loss of September but no results at all. A friend of mine who had the same problem recommended my one day to try Propoline natural products… So I bought shampoo and conditioner on  From the 4th week on, I could see big differerence on my hair as following :

  • it looks thicker, stronger and healthier for sure,
  • it is shiny, soft and easy to manage,
  • Body and texture are brilliant
  • Nice clean smelling

1. Apivita Propoline Tonic Shampoo For Thinning Hair for Women with Bay Laurel & Lupin. Your hair will be thicker and healthier

Lupin extract, ginseng, rosemary, vitamins and trace elements revitalise roots and strengthen hair, while thyme, propolis and tea tree regulate oiliness.

  • Enhances hair texture and protects the hair follicle from damage
  • Improves microcirculation
  • Ideal for cases of seasonal hair loss, especially during spring and autumn


2. Apivita Propoline Tonic Shampoo For Thinning Hair for men. Your hair will strong and healthy

  • Improves microcirculation
  • Regulates excessive sebum secretion
  • Ideal for cases of seasonal hair loss, especially during spring and autumn.
  • For cases of hereditary hair loss daily use is recommended. Active Ingredients: Phytocomplex-n and propolis

3. Apivita Propoline Conditioner for colored hair.  Your hair will be soft and manageable.

  • Keeps your treasured highlights as well as your all-over color looking the absolute best
  • Softens and repairs damage and split ends while shielding your tresses from color-fading UVA rays

4. Apivita – Moisturizing & Nourishing Conditioner with Almond & Honey (For Dry-Dehydrated Hair) 150ml/5.24oz

  • It protects intensely against damage from the environment and styling products.
  • Ideal for dry hair, it protects against breakage and split ends.

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