mar 29

How did Alexander the Great spread greek culture throughout his empire ?

 BattleofIssus333BC-mosaic-detail1.jpg How did Alexander the Great spread greek culture throughout his empire ? Whithin 10 years from 334 BC, the Greek Macedonian Alexander the Great broke the power of the Persian King Darius III , conquered with decisive battles all Persia and settled Greek empire stretched from Greece to the Indus River. Some people today still think they are Alexander descendants as the Kalash people from Afghanistan….

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mar 11

Best movies about Ancient Greece

holly  See below what are the most famous and best movies about Ancient Greece these last years.  2014 is the best year at Hollywood for the film  » 300 : The rise of an Empire«  retelling of the Battle of Salamis and 2013 for the Persy Jackson film series with new version of the Golden Fleece coming from Greek Mythology. 

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mar 05

Yanni music composer from Greece

  Yanni Greek music composer from Greece is unique. We are in tranports of undescribable pleasure listenning to Yanni contemporary instrumental new age music. Yanni musician profile is low even if he travels a lot. Yanni piano player can make you fell really good…

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jan 26

Alexander Payne is Greek filmmaker at Oscars

   Alexandre Desplat is Greek filmaker at Oscars ! Payne is one of the favourite films director of film within the last decade and we will understand why. Alexander Payne’s latest movie « Nebraska », a black and white American comedy drama film starring father Bruce Dern and son Will Forte, is nominated to the Academy Awards 2014 !  Good luck Alexander !

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