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How to make homemade Greek style yogurt ?


  Greek yogurt How it’s made ? There is an easy way to make greek yogurt with yogurt maker. Then, follow my Traditional Greek yogurt dessert recipes easy to make : Greek yogurt with honey and nuts recipe and Greek yogurt recipes dressing. Greek yogurt vs european yogurt ? No need to lay a bet for this. Natural Greek yogurt health benefits are enormous and you become an Eco friend

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nov 21

Kozani Greek red saffron health benefits


Greek red saffron health benefits are assured. Greek Kozani Krokos saffron has the best quality in the world ! Saffron crocus, the gold of Greek land, especially in Kozani area (North of Greece) is one of the most precious spices because of its aroma, colour, pharmaceutical and aphrodisiac properties.

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Healthy authentic greek recipes : Greek chicken okra recipe

One of the many healthy authentic greek recipes is Greek chicken okra recipe. Here is a traditional greek recipe easy to make : Okra with tomato sauce Greek style recipe. Okra with chicken, in greek Μπάμιες με κοτόπουλο (Bamies me kotopoulo) is a traditional  greek recipe

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nov 14

Traditional recipe of Greece: Greek Tzatziki salad dressing

  Traditional recipe of Greece : Greek Tzatziki salad dressing. Discover real greek tzatziki sauce recipe with me. Greek tzatziki dip recipe is easy and fresh to complement your meat and vegetable dishes.
What is tzatziki sauce ?  Tzatziki sauce usually accompanies main grilled meat dishs, served as a dipping sauce. It’s also an appetizer. In all Greece, tzatziki is made of strained yogurt usually from sheep or goat milk mixed with cucumbers, garlic and oilve oil. In Greece, when there are grilled meat on the table, you will find also tzatziki. In Greek tavernas or on the Greek streets searching for gyros, it is served cold with greek souvlakis (photo below on the left) and of course it is in gyros with pita (photo below on the right).


How to make traditional greek tzatziki dip ? Procedure is extremely easy, fast and at low cost. You will impress your guest for sure. Here is below Tzatziki sauce recipe.  
Ingredients : 1 cucumber, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 teaspoon of wine vinegar, 350 full fat yoghurt, 150 ml olive oil, 1 teaspoon chopped dill leaves, a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper
Preparation : Peel the cucumber, remove the pips and grate it. Grate the garlic also. Salt the cucumber and leave it in a strainer for 20 minutes. Put it in a bowl with the garlic and the rest of the ingredients. Mix the whole mixture with a fork very well for 3 minutes. Put the dip in a nice bowl and decorate it with a black olive and a slice of cuccumber, for example.
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How to make authentic traditional greek Horiatiki salad recipe with feta ?

Greek salad « Horiatiki » (Χωριάτικη σαλάτα in greek) is part of traditional authentic healthy Greek recipes but how to make authentic traditional greek salad with feta ? Nothing is more simple and original than a greek salad dressing with feta, the national greek white cheese. Lend a note of freshness to your daily meals reading my recipe of Greek salad.

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