jan 20

How to make homemade Greek style yogurt ?


  Greek yogurt How it’s made ? There is an easy way to make greek yogurt with yogurt maker. Then, follow my Traditional Greek yogurt dessert recipes easy to make : Greek yogurt with honey and nuts recipe and Greek yogurt recipes dressing. Greek yogurt vs european yogurt ? No need to lay a bet for this. Natural Greek yogurt health benefits are enormous and you become an Eco friend

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déc 05

Aphrodisiac aromatherapy essential oils

  Best aphrodisiac essential oil has to be used as St Valentine day is coming ! Aphrodisiac essential oils are substance that increases calm, positivity and even sexual desire. Aphrodisiac comes from the Greek « Αφροδισιακό » (aphrodisiako) belonging to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexuality and love. Here is below my aphrodisiac essential oils list conducive to intimacy.

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nov 21

Kozani Greek red saffron health benefits


Greek red saffron health benefits are assured. Greek Kozani Krokos saffron has the best quality in the world ! Saffron crocus, the gold of Greek land, especially in Kozani area (North of Greece) is one of the most precious spices because of its aroma, colour, pharmaceutical and aphrodisiac properties.

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oct 14

Buy natural cosmetics products Apivita Greece

APIVITA is Greece’s leading manufacturer in natural products. APIVITA’s inspiration are the honey bee, nature and biodiversity of Greece. Combined with propolis and essential oils, Apivita innovates the unique and perfect PROPOLINE product range for hair care. My husband and I tested all the below products and we can tell you that everything changed for us when we started using natural Greek cosmetics Propoline Apivita.

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mar 29

How did Alexander the Great spread greek culture throughout his empire ?

 BattleofIssus333BC-mosaic-detail1.jpg How did Alexander the Great spread greek culture throughout his empire ? Whithin 10 years from 334 BC, the Greek Macedonian Alexander the Great broke the power of the Persian King Darius III , conquered with decisive battles all Persia and settled Greek empire stretched from Greece to the Indus River. Some people today still think they are Alexander descendants as the Kalash people from Afghanistan….

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fév 16

Discover all Greece : Ephesus ancient city history

Ephesus ancient city history takes place in the west coast of today . Ephesus city state was Greek and it became famous for the Temple of Artemis built on the 6th Century BC, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. 


The Library of Celsus (Photo above) Ancient Roman building (135 AD)

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