Cephalonia Greece photos to invite you in Greece

Here are some Cephalonia Greece photos to invite you in Greece. Having seen them, I am sure you won’t be able to resist. Organise your holidays in one of the best Greek islands in the West of Greece. Greece, the sole paradise in Europe….Where to stay in Kefalonia Greece’s heaven ? I will tell you…

  Cephalonia map

How to go to Kefalonia ? The island has international flights from May to October (from Athens but also from London, Milan and Budapest). There are many ferries connections to Kefalonia from other ionian islands and continental Greece (Astakos port tο Kefalonia). Rent a car when you arrive in Kefallonia.  

The places to see on Kefalonia island in Greece are : 

1. The Melissani Cave is northwest of Sami in CephaIonia. Forests surrounds the cave and the mountain slope.


2. The Xi beach is situated in the south of Kefalonia, near the town Lixouri. The surrounding sediment and cliffs at Xi Beach are made up of a white clay, which is eroded into sharp profiles by the rain. The beach is made up of a soft, red sand.


3. The Assos village is one of the most beautiful location on the island of Kefalonia. The Assos peninsula is on the west coast of the island. Dominating the entire area are the ruins of a Venetian fortress high up on the imposing peninsula.


4. Fiskardo is simply a treasure in the northernmost place of Kefalonia near Ithaca island. Fiskardo has a small and diminishing fishing fleet in a port. The coast around Fiskardo is mainly rocky with numerous pebble-beached coves


5. Myrtos beach makes you believe that you are in paradise…


6. Argostoli is a very nice town of 12.000 inhabitants. It’s the seat of administration and the main town of the island Kefallonia


Where to stay in Kefalonia Greece ? I went on Kefalonia island a few years ago and my family and I stayed at Galaxi hotel at Agostoli. It’s a simple hotel but it is very clean and the staff is really helpful. The swimming pool is great and the bar had always fresh products and drinks ! We were 15 minutes from the airport and really near the town.

My experience : Kefalonia is absolutely amazing. There are so many different landscapes and places to see. I stayed 15 days on that island and everyday we had a lot to see ! I didn’t tell you everything…The beaches and villages are definitively one of the most beautiful places I have seen in my life. It was simply paradise…. I hope I convinced you with these few photos to come and visit Kefalonia island…


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