Cyclades island Anafi beaches Greece

Cyclades island Anafi beaches in Greece are unique and have to seen once in your life. If you are in search of real arid sunbathed Greek island with calm and simple life, visit Anafi island. Discover all Greece through the popular beaches of Kleisidi and Roukounas on Anafi greek island. 

Where is Anafi island ? Anafi is the most southeast island of the Cyclades group of the Aegean sea in Greece. As Santorini island west of Anafi, it has only 200 inhabitants and has a hot desert climate. It is mountainous island with 80 churches and coastal beaches of 40 kms !


How to go to Anafi island ? Arrived to Santorini from European capital or big town of your country, take a ferry boat available twice a week for Anafi island (journey duration is 1h40 min)

Where to stay on Anafi island ? I have been last year to that really stunning island. My family and I stayed at Apollon Village hotel. We had a studio and near a restaurant and the beach. We were a few days without our pc and cell phones… wonderful feeling. We rent a 4X4 small jeep to visit discover all Anafi island.

Anafi beaches : Anafi island has some of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the Cyclades. On the south side of the island, apart from the port (photo below), you will find the beaches Kleisidi, Katsouni,  Megas Potamos, Agii Anaryiri, and Monastiri.


Kleisidi beach                                                   Agios Nikolaos port


Roukounas beach                                                                     Katsouni beach


Megas Potamos beach                                    Agii Anargyri beach

Where to go on Anafi island ? The main sighseeing is the following

1. Hora, the main Anafi village is 280m high with white well-rounded houses and little churches, paved alleys and old windmills. Heart of Hora is the Venetian Castle. Really nice is to visit the chuches and the archaeological collection in a small room in Hora with statues from the ancient townKastelli and ruins of the Temple of Apollo


2. From Agios Nikolaos port where you can see Zoodohou pigis monastery, go on foot (30 min) and visit also the old Monastery of Kalamiotissa, the most important religious monument of Anafi. There you will feel peace in your soul with the beautiful view on the Eagean sea… a dream.


Zoodohou pigis monastery                           Old  Monastery of Kalamiotissa


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