Discover all Greece in September with 30° degrees C

Discover all Greece in September with 30° degrees C. The right thing is to spend holidays in June but also in September when the wheather is still bright in Greece ! Go and visit in Greece, Rhodes for example in the best conditions…

  • The climate is quite the same as the one in August : The weather in Greece in September is stable with 30° degrees C. There are rarely rains and storms.
  • Spending holidays in Greece in September, you will have calm everywhere. It remains only some satisfying number of tourists in the country : Visitors without children, campers etc. Why should you spend holidays in the terrible Greek summer racket ?  No, discover Greece in quietness : In this way, you will have time and you will be in good conditions to see all faces of Greece : landcapes, museum, people and greek traditions etc…
  • You will find more easily flights and you will find the accomodations whished. Here are some ideas of accomodations for instance for Rhodes in Greece.
Here are below some ideas of accomodation in Rhodes :

Boutique 5, 5 stars, to Kiotari in the southeast of Rhodes town : 1.000 euros per night but paradise is assured (photos below)


Hotel Dionysos 4 stars, to Ixia, 3 kms from Rhodes town, from 350 euros per nuit. The summum of relaxation (photos below)


Stavros Melathron studios, at Kalithea 6 kms from Rhodes town. Very interesting prices : 80 euros/night with kitchen (photos below).



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