Discover Greece and Greek world in November travel

Discover Greece and Greek world in November travels. Best chance to discover all Greece and see it in all its aspects is to travel in Greece in automn. There are numerous reasons which make you positive to that idea.

Greece is not only beautiful in summer but in all seasons. The difference is that, according to season, you will go and travel to different parts of Greece. In automn, you tend to go far away from the sea more popular in summer with family. You also avoid the small greek islands living especially on tourism.   I am thinking of Mykonos, Ios and Paros, for example.

In november, you prefer going to the following places for the below reasons :  

  • The temperature in november in Greece are still good. I mean that they vary from 15 degrees C to 22 degrees. You can walk and visit place all day long, away from your car or rent house.
  • Visit the big islands of Greece cleaned from tourists mass : Rhodes, Crete and Chalkidiki e.g. (Photo No 1 below shows Rhodes island in Greece and No 2 Chalidiki)
  • Greece is mountainous country. A very good idea is to discover Greek mountains with their small pitturesque villages. The Greek mounatins ranges are covered with the brown-yellow-red leaves colour of the trees. I think for example that going to Pilion, east of Greece is a great idea.
  Waterfalls at Milies in Pilion mountain
  • Greek mountains allow passionate people for hiking to discover wild regions of undiscovered wild Greece. However, Greece has good hiking paths’ network recorded with details in many hiking guides.
  • More fearless idea is to discover Greek towns usually protected by mountainous nature. I propose you to visit Kavala (No 1 photo) , Nafplio (No 2) , Volos (Νο 3)  for instance
   1.Autumn Colors (Mavroudakis Fotis) Tags: autumn trees winter red sky mountain color tree green nature colors yellow horizontal pine contrast outdoors day canvas foliage greece vista lush drama leafs idyllic scenics kavala beautyinnature nopeoplephotography frakto naturecanvas    2. 3.
  • You can also visit towns with more cultural face that natural one. Simply think of Athens (photo No 1 on the left) or Thessaloniki (photo No 2). Many archeological places, monuments and museums are ready to welcome you and tell you about Greek history.
  • and finally, discover famous places for sightseeing. Let’s say Epidavros (photo No 1) near by Corinth or the Meteora in center of Greece for example
1.       2.

In november, you prefer Greece also for the following places for the below reasons :  

  • You can really see daily life of Greek people, travelling in differents places in Greece. You discover part of their behaviour, theirs traditions, their culture etc…
  • Greek will be more welcoming than they are usually because they can understand that you come to share you life with them. They will try to make you see various faces of Greek life. From 1988 I live in Greece, I have changed a lot personaly. I am in a position to tell what is good or bad in Greek culture, based on philosophy of life at my 45 years-old .
  • Greek are warm people and they will make their best to please you : To invite you at their table, at their homes for you to enjoy highly spirited life with wine, food and music.
 Greeks doesn’t seem to suffer from economical crisis as you can see on the photo above I took recently . They like outdoor life, talking, drinking coffees and eating. They like speaking loudly and laugh. They are friendly and helpful. 
  • You can find from expensive to very cheap accomodation during that low season of November. You can from today on try to find the best relation Prices & quality of services. I thing you can not go wrong.

Discover all Greece in November and tell stories never released among your relatives and friends. Greece is different in November, I assure you….

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