Discover Greece : My Rhodes Greece island vacation package

Greek island Rhodes is is the largest of the Dodecanese islands (1.400 km) in southeast of Greece. Better is to visit Rhodes island by car. There are many places to go in Rhodes, so take your Rhodes Greece tourist guide if you wish but start to follow me in that island I have already visited


  Rhodes Greece map

Yes, better is to visit the all island with a car than with a squad, with the bus. You won’t have to think about that of course if you are on package tour. I have been on Greek Rhodes island in 2005.

Rhodes Greece accomodation : We stayed at Rodos Park Suites (book here if whished). It is in the center of Rhodes town. This hotel become quite Rhodes Greece cheap accomodation if you book early prior to your departure in Greece or if you go on Rhodes island before July and after August. Quality of services at Rodos Park Suites are impeccable and you have beautiful view on the town, nice foliage around outdoor pool, very satisfying meal. Ma mark : 10/10

Places to go on Rhodes Island Greece : 

1. The old town of Rhodes :The Citadel of Rhodes built by the Hospitaliers (Beginning of the 13th century,  Villaret acquired Rhodes to be their new home)  is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe (1988, Unesco world heritage site). The city was divided into its two parts by an inner wall. The Northern part, known as conventus was the site of the Grand Masters Palace, the church of the Knights, the Latin Cathedral, the Catholic Bishops homes, the Knights houses, a hospital etc. The South part, known as ville was the area where the laymen lived and it had market, synagogues, churches and public and commercial buildings. The Palace of the Grand Masters endured almost all of the attacks of the enemies. After touring the sites of the Old Town of Rhodes, you might want to walk around the walls.  The fortification has a series of really beautiful gates and towers of intact medieval structure. It’s simple great !

2. The Aquarium of Rhodes Opening hours 9h to 20h30 in summer.  It was built in the 1930 with Art Deco design. Now it is known as the Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes which carries out research on the oceanography of the Dodecanese (you can see even sea animal condamned to extinction). I liked this museum on the wondeful beach near the town

3. Rodini Park of Rhodos (free entrance). Rodini Park was created before the Romans occupation and they left a bit of an aqueduct here. The park lies in a green and shady bed of a stream. Here is an ideal environment for the peacocks which live and breed in the park. It’s a pleasure to come here even in the heat of the day. A 10 minutes’ walk and you will dicover a tomb of the Ptolemies. The edges of each side are decorated by 21 Doric half columns.

4. Rhodes Archaeological Museum (open Tuesday to Sunday) The Rhodes Hospital of the Knights now houses the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, which exhibits archaeological finding from different parts of Rhodes. The museum is of great interest : It has unique collection of earthenware urns and pots, epitaph plaques from the post-Classical, Hellenistic, Roman and Knights’ periods, beautiful statues including two Kouros and two statues of Aphrodite : The smaller of the two is known as the Aphrodite of Rhodes (it is 2000 years old and it’s made from Parian marble. The other one is Afroditi Thalassia created in the 4th century BC. Very very interesting museum

   Aphrodite of Rhodes

Now, let Rhodes town, after 25 kms of driving, in the west and go to visit the Valley of butterflies. These butterflies are called Callimorpha (black and white striped wings hiding red smaller wings). They are attracted by the resin of that kinds of plane trees called Liquidambar . Their show is absolutely amazing in this little valley hidden in the coolness of this mediterranean trees in full growth.

Let’s drive back towards Rhodes but on the road, let’s stop to Ancient Kameiros (opening hours 8h to 19h30 except Monday) was constructed in the 6th century BC. There are 3 levels, an Acropolis with the temple of Athena Kameiras, a reservoir on which is constructed a Stoa (rooms, lodgings), a doric temple dedicated to Apollo, an Agora. After Demetrius I of Macedonia or the Poliorcetes (“taker of cities”) was sent against Rhodes, the earthquake od 226 BC and 142 BC  finished to destroy the city.

Now let’s go on the east side of the island, after 55 kms on the coast road, you arrive at the beautiful Lindos village. It is actually the 2nd most visited place on Rhodes Greek island. From the road, I have never seen such beautiful village ! Above the modern town rises the Acropolis of Lindos, a natural citadel where is dominating the temple of Athena (open hours 8h to 19h30 except Monday). We spent the night there in one of the nice restaurants of the village with the wonderful view of the illuminated Acropolis. We decided to stay there and we found Rhodes Greece accomodation cheap at Lindos Sun Hotel (book here if you wish). It is 5 mns from Lindos by car. The hotel has very Greek atmosphere. It not shady but it is cool and very clean. My mark 9/10

and finally, let’s go to the very south of Greek Rhodes island up to Prasonisi (40 kms from Lindos). In summer time, this cape become a peninsula. In winter when water levels are high enough, Prasonisi becomes an island. Let’s wear our trunks and bikinis and let’s go swimming in these crystalline blue-green waters. Prasonisi means green island.

Résumé : You need at least one week to visit the all greek Rhodes island by car. It is an island for all tatses (sports in the sea, visits to museum and archeological sites, many beautiful beaches. There is no way to get bored on that island because if you want people, you can go to Rhodes town and if you want calm, you can sink into Rhodian nature. It is a visited island all year long.

It a Greek island I warmly recommend ! Do not delay your anymore your vacations to Rhodes in Greece !

Because I can not tell you everything about Greek Rhodes island, I propose you to have one Rhodes Greece tourist guide with you. I recommend you Rhodes Travel Pack (Globetrotter Travel Packs) 2009 edition, 128 pages by P.H.Davies. To buy this book, please click on the below frame on the left. 


If you have the e-book Kindle reader, I recommend you also to get the nice e-book The Fortress of Rhodes 1309-1522 written by Konstantin Nosson in 2010. This 64 pages books will tell you everything about the Citadel of the Rhodes’ nights. To buy this book, please click on the below frame on the left. 


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