Discover natural cosmetics products of Korres Greece

   Discover natural cosmetics products of Korres Greece. Yes, Greece has its own perfumes and skin care products. Enter art of Greek natural products and enter Korres online shop

Is there any famous Greek fragrances ? Yes, Korres is the one who created Greek perfumes and natural cosmetics products in Greece and now in foreign countries in the entire world.

Who is Korres ?  George Korres, joined the team of Mr Tzivanides in 1989 while still studying Pharmacology at the University of Athens. Though sceptical at first about homeopathy, George was soon overwhelmed by the power of natural ingredients. Driven by his own passion and deep understanding of herbs, George envisaged the development of a natural skincare line, which was realized soon after he was trusted with the management of the pharmacy, in 1992. (Source

Is Greece connected to fragrances ? Yes, definitively. The art of perfume making began in the Greek islands and Greek colonies. In 2005, archaeologists uncovered what are believed to be the world’s oldest perfumes in Pyrgos, Cyprus. It was in the agora of all Greek Ancient world. It was symbol of hospitality, daily life and even philosophy. It was also linked to beauty and divinity. Greeks used also scented oils to clean themselves by applying the oil on the skin and scraping it with a strigil. There was no soap, so the scraping was the best way to remove dirt.

Why should we put perfume ? To wear perfume is not a luxury for you. It is part of human health  For many reason, we should put perfume on because it :

  • bring sensations of pleasure and well-being : people with bad sense of smell have got less pleased life.
  • bring sensation of cleanliness and raise mood : Perfume is an important signal of personal hygiene after your bath
  • is good for your health : it activate optimistic feelings leads to considerable health effects. It can have a relaxing impact on the brain and blood pressure e.g.
  • improve relationship and give identity to you (we know you wear one specific fragrance).
Why should we wear Korres perfume ? Because 
  • it is not expensive,
  • it is found also in pharmacies,
  • it has no toxic ingredients.
  • it prevents against allergy.

In today world, discover modern Greek perfumery with Korres. Here are below some of his fragances I tested for you :

1. Korres White Tea Bergamot Freesia for women & also unisex. White tea, an indulgence solely for aristocrats of yesteryear China, is one of the most exquisite tea varieties. An invigorating yet sensual blend due to its fresh, delicate, sweet-toned aroma (source Korres). When I try this perfume, it began citrusy and afterwards it gets floral. I think it can be worn at summer.

2.  Korres Pepper Jasmine Gaiac Wood for men & women. With its Jasmine base, the aromatic jasmine absolute, one of the most sought-out ingredients in perfumery, is known worldwide for its intense, warm, rich, exotic, sweet floral scent (souce Korres). When I tried this perfume, I felt the warmness of wood (from the gaiac), the spicy aroma of pepper and the sweetness of vanilla.  After several jours, I still have the sweet smell of wood. I think it could be worn during automn and winter.

3. Korres Peony Vanilla Amber pear for women. It opens with juicy notes of pear, apple peach and bergamot. The heart blossoms with peony, jasmine and roses. The base is made of amber, musk, sandalwood and vanilla. It´s sweet, not heavy and refreshing. Paeonia Vanilla Amber Pear make me feel cool and happy. I think you can wear it in automn and winter.

4. Korres Vanilla Freesia Lychee. I has aroma of vanilla, combined with the South African freesia and juicy lychee. The top notes are bergamot and tea. The heart is floral and fruity with lychee, peach, freesia, jasmine and sandalwood, laid on the base of vanilla.Those notes settle very quickly into a sof and dark mature vanilla with hints of sandalwood and peach. I think it really is a spring and summer scent

4. Korres Saffron Amber Cardamon for men. The oriental-woody masculine fragrance opens with cardamom, bergamot and cinnamon. Saffron, cedar, carnation and sandalwood are placed in a heart, while a base encompasses amber, agar and vanilla. The oud is prominent, but I would say it is one of the softer, more wearable oud notes I have smelled ever. Good job Korres!

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