Father Nicholas Alexandris advocates SkyGreece flights from North America to Greece

Four Greek immigrants from Canada created Air flights company SkyGreece. Among them
Father Nicholas Alexandris, Peter Chilakos, Bill Alefantis and Ken Stathakis who are optimist even though they are dealing with air flights companies giants.

Peter Chilakos, Father Nicholas Alexandris and Bill Alefantis


In September 2009, Olympic Airways flew to New York, Toronto and Montreal for the last time. From then on, a big gap emerged to Greeks from North America who could not travel to Greece with Airways Greek Companies.

After long discussions from 2010 on with some influential Greek origin’s entrepreneurs who also have extensive backgrounds in aviation and tourism, Father Nicholas Alexandris decided to found with Peter Chilakos and Bill Alefantis (wholesaler of HI Tours). They succeeded it so far with investors giving some millions $. They decided to do it because..

  • The 350.000 Greeks of Canada and the 500.000 Greeks of the U.S. needs affordable flights to go to Greece and see their families.
  • They encourage Americans to discover Greece,
  • Greeks of the diaspora in America need a Greek company which will remind them high quality standards of Olympic Airways Co also symbol of travels to/from Greece. The airline’s aim has to use 100% Greek cabin crew and pilots
  • Foreign direct flights from America to Greece exist only during summer time
  • It is a real shame to give Greeks’ money to foreign companies.

The carrier’s Toronto office is located at 477 Danforth Avenue. The Montreal office is located at 800 Chomedey Boulevard in Laval, and the New York location is in the Astoria neighbourhood in Queens. The company is a joint stock company incorporated and headquartered in Athens.

L’A340-300 de Skygreece
SkyGreece’s A340-300

The planes will be registered under the Greek flag and will have Greek crews. 

Using 2 Boeings at the beginning for 2 fligts per week (767-300ER , A340-300 Boeing aircraft with 4 engine plane & 295 passengers), SkyGreece airlines plans to launch scheduled flights to Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, and New York in the beginning of 2014. Flights to Chicago and South Africa are planned for later.

SkyGreece holidays USA & SkyGreece holidays USA, subsidiaries of SkyGreece will make offers (holidays pack containing hotels, restaurants and sea cruises in the 7 seas of Greece)  to Americans in order to make them discover Greece.

We hope that Father Nicholas Alexandris’ dream will be a reality in 7 months. We have faith like him… 

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