Greek Independence National day March 25th

Happy Greek independence national day March 25th ! Greek independence day parade in New York Chicago Philadelphia Boston 2013 takes place for the memorial day but also in all big and small towns of Greece. Greek independence songs and poem for national day March 25th are said by Greek childrens in Greek schools of the entire world : London, Melbourne…. etc. Why shouldn’t you miss this event ?

What are the things to do on the 25th March? To see Greek independence day parade in New York, in Oakland, in Boston, Baltimore, in chicago, Detroit, in Montreal, in Toronto, in Sydney,  or in Europe, in London.. and in all small and big towns of Greece ! This a noteworthy event full of historical signs, folklore and respect for those who fought against Ottomans from the 25th March 1821 on and for those who lost their lives during Greek revolution to regain their freedom after 400 years of slavery under the Ottoman yoke.

Greek independence day parade New York

Historical events which leads to Freedom and Greek Independent state :

  • In 1453, Ottomans Turks took Constantinople (today Istanbul) and Greece.
  • Filiki Eteria or Society of Friends organization had the purpose to establish an Independent Greek state. The leader is Alexander Ypsilantis
  • In May 1821, Omer Vryonis with 8.000 men crushed the Greeks resistance at Alamana river and put Athanasios Diakos to death
  • Odysseas Androutsos with 100 men attacked Vrioni (400 dead turks) at Gravia.
  • After the battle of Gravia, Theodoros Kolokotronis proceeded to the Siege of Tripolitsa : several thousands of Muslims died.
  • On 30th March 1822, Kapudan Pasha with 40.000 Turks fought back with Chios massacre (23.000 Chians killed and 47.000 Chians taken prisoners -23.000 exiled-).
  • The Sultan signed agreement with Muhammad Ali Pasha of Egypt in 1824 and his son Ibrahim Pasha conquered Peloponnese and killed priest Papaflessas at Battle of Maniaki on the 20th of May 1825.
  • The siege of Missolonghi with Greeks resisting both Ottoman and Egyptian armies for almost a year until its final fall on April 10, 1826 which came to massacre of Missolonghi
  • In 1827, Karaiskakis participated in the failed attempt to raise the Siege of Athens but was he was killed in action. Turks occupied finally Athens and everybody was thinking that Greek revolution came unfortunetly to an end after so many sacrifices.
  • But the Allied Great Powers (England, France and Russia) decided under the terms of the Treaty of London (6th July 1827) naval Battle of Navarino (20 October 1827) for peace and creation of Greek state.  
Important figures of Greek independance war of 1821 are the following :


Alexander Ypsilantis                     Theodore Kolokotronis               Admiral Constantine Canaris
Miaoulis ship man           Odysseas Androutsos greek revolution      Manto Mavrogenous 1821
Markos Mpotsaris died in 1823                    Laskarina Bouloulina                 Georgios Karaiskakis Wiki


If you want to read more about the Greek Independance War of 1821, I propose you, clicking the below frame on the left to buy the very good e-book (if you got e-book reader Kindle, see my article) intitled « The Greek War of Independance » written by David Brewer in Nov.2011. This book also exists in hardcover (to buy it click here)



My experience : The things I learnt after 25 years in Greece and after having read many books about Greek Independence revolution of 1821 is that Greek people are very witty people : They are selfish (many civil wars) but they can reunite all of them to fight and shot down a dangerous monster very much bigger that them all together. They have this idea of liberty I have not known so deep in my life. They are very strong people and they like their country so much that they will never let anybody to take it. Greek diaspora misses Greece so much that they never forget to live as Greeks in their homes and to contribute to the National Greek struggles


What is your idea about Greek people ?


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