Have holidays to Symi Greece, a real gem in Europe

   Have holidays to Symi Greece, a real gem in Europe. Yes, a treasure of Greece in the Dodecanese. Symi island has rich history and architecture and beautiful nature. A wonderful experience to live once if you go to discover Greece !


Where is Symi ? Symi is a small Greek island part of the Dodecanese island chain, located at 40 kms of Rhodes island with 58 km² of mountainous terrain. Its 2.000 inhabitants engaged in tourism, fishing and trade.

How to go to Symi ? You arrived from European town to Rhodos and you can reach Symi with a ferry from Rhodes island twice a day, 50 mins duration of voyage and 21 Euros/person.

What about Symi accomodation ? As I did, I recommend you to stay at Iapetos village (book here) in Symi town. I think it is the best accomodation in the island. The relation Quality of services and price is very very good.


What to do in Symi ? I went there 2 years ago in September  and I was definitively marvelled seing that island. Even if it is a small island, you have a lot to see. Actually, Symi was the first for me. It one of the nost beautiful islands of Greece. So many pictures are in my minds. I would like to share my experience there… You should go to Symi because…

  • It’s simply a beautiful island with fabulous architecture. Symi island Greece has the finest neoclassical architecture in Greece. Yialos, the main harbour (see photo above on the top) and Chorio, the village above the harbour are the nicest protected national monument of Greece because of their unique architecture. In the mid 19th century, many of the peculiarly colourful neoclassical mansions covers the slopes near the main centre towns.


  • It has beautiful beaches. My favourite beaches in Symi were Agios Giorgios and Agia Marina and I loved swimming in Nanou bay. It has also beautiful uninhabited offshore islets (Diavátes, Nímos, Hondrós etc).


No 1 : Agios Giorgios Beach Symi                   No 2 :  Agia Marina beach Symi  


Diavates Symi with its small beach             Nimos island separated from Symi by a stretch of water

  • Symi island has great history from the depths of mythology. It is said to be the birthplace of the Charities. In Homer’s Iliad, Symi was mentioned as the domain of King Nireus who fought in the Trojan war (1200 BC) on the side of the Greeks. There was a great Battle near the island in 400 BC, in which Spartians defeated Athenian vessels. The conquest of Symi by St John Knights launched centuries of prosperity in Symi. The island was conquered from the Knights by the Ottomans in 1522 but prosperity continued without destructions. In 1912, Symi is occupied by Italy, just after its independance from the Ottomans and it is ceded to Italy in 1923. In 1943, Symi is occupied by the Nazis but it finally rejoined with Greece in 1948.


The Knights’ citadell on the main town of Symi.      Panormitis monastery (origins in the 15th cent.)

  • Symi Festival is organised every summer for the last fifteen years. It’s a disenterested participation of well-known artists and organisers of Greece. You can learn a lot about Greek traditions in Symi (dances, clothes etc)…

 Symi Festival 2012


My experience: It is a really nice island which seems to know prosperity with tourism. Many english tourists are there but the island was calm in September. Symi has a stunning beauty with a magic atmosphere, a kind of spirituality in Symi’s population… very helpful people.  Symi has one of the most beautiful harbour in Greece I think… It is so picturesque…. Visiting this island, I really recharged my batteries… I found strengh to face difficult day life in Greece because of economical crisis… I found traces of optimisim and something in myself told me that life is really beautiful after all…. I was also telling to myself that actually Symi holidays in Greece was almost vital for me….








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