Hellenic Centre London not only for Greek community

See events in London from The Hellenic Centre London  The Hellenic centre is not only for the hellenic community of London but for all the people who would like to know about Greece, about Greeks, about Athens to Greece

The greek community halls are very nice as the meeting room, the exhibition rooms and the Great Hall. Its at 16-18 Paddington Street London.

The Hellenic centre is not only for the hellenic community of London but for all the people who would like to know about Greece, about Greeks, about Athens to Greece history etc…. The Hellenic foundation for culture of Europe is noteworthy. The Hellenic Centre London tries to maintain the very good relationship between Britain and the Hellenic world.


Greece on the globe has a lot to remind to European citizens as :

  • Athens first democracy with a peak during the Golden age of Pericles and development of democracy in Athens and then democracy in world
  • The world of the ancient greeks : The picture of Ancient Athens or Athenian city state with cultured Athenian citizens and greek philosophers (Plato), writters (Sophocles, Aeschylus, Aristophanes) of greek tragedies are remarkable as Homer’s Iliad and the Odyssey inheritage.
  • The particularity of Ancient Greece states (Sparta, Athens, Corinth..) but always united in difficult wars against Persians.

All roads lead to Athens and Greece finally…

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