Holidays to Skiathos island in Greece

Skiathos is one of the most beautiful island in Greece in Sporades near Volos, in central Greece which combines many interests together : on one hand, discovery of nature and history and on the other hand holidays on beaches and nightlife. Discover with me this island I know well since I live near Skiathos island…

Skiathos Greece map google

How to go to Skiathos ? To start from the beginning, let’s say that you can find cheap flights to Skiathos in Greece from London, if you book a seat in charter three or four month ahead. You can also reach Skiathos by ferryboat (3 hours) or by hydrofoil (1 1/2 hrs.) from Volos town or Agios Konstandinos (Agios Constandinos is a 3-hour bus ride from Athens.) There are also the hydrofoils linking Skiathos to Skopelos (30 mins.), Alonissos and Skyros.

Where to be accomodated in Skiathos ? You can have holiday villas in Skiathos Greece but you can also have all inclusive holidays in Skiathos hotels. I often stay at Aggelos Studios, at 7 minutes from   Koukounaries beach. The accomodation prices are cheap and you have good service quality. The rooms are clean and smartly decorated. The outdoor place with the swimming pool is cosy. The owners and the hotel staff are very friendly. It’s a calm place also near the beach of Banana and Mandraki. You are 3 minutes away from the bus station, 15 minutes away from Skiathos main town. You are near restaurants, souvlaki places and markets. Okay, the cheaper solution of course is to stay in camping Koukounaries.

Fantastic nature in Skiathos : Skiathos Greece nighlife is nice but this island is also a wonderful island with green landscape and many things to see.

The best sandy beach in Skiathos is Koukounaries beach : Yes, Koukounaries beach is No 1 island in Skiathos. You can choose to stay one or more days on that beach for the following reasons (see photo below):

  • The water of the sea of Koukounaries beach is absolutely clear and turquoise. You may think you swin in a swimming pool.
  • There is a fantastic green forest of pines behind the beach which leads to a lake.
  • Animal nature is in your hands : If you have bread in your hand that you humidify in the sea, many many fishes (mullets) will come to your hand !  With a shrimping net, it would be really easy to catch them.
  • Better is to visit Skiathos end of May, in June or in September because, in July and in August, the beaches are full of tourists, umbrellas and deckchairs.

The other Top 5 nice beaches of Skiathos are :


No 2 best beach is Lalaria beach (North of Skiathos).     No 3 best beach is Banana beach (West)


No 4 best beach is Mandraki beach        No 5 is Kastro beach at the North (Visit also the old castle) 

The main city of Skiathos on the southeastern tip of the island is beautiful with Bourzi ancient settlement on a small hill. The large natural port of the modern city is ideal in shape and in location. The typical houses have 2 floors in their majority and are built amphitheatrically. They are a lot nice tavernas for souvlaki and nice shops and bars.


My experience : I like Skiathos because it is an island where you can find everything you wish. There is a great nature with pines trees and turquoise blue water. The beaches are great but, given that I want to fully enjoy them, I go in the early morning till 11.30 am to have calm. The city of Skiathos is great with its nice restaurants on the natural sea side. It is definitively one of the best islands in Greece…



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