How to dance sirtaki steps as Zorba did ?

How to dance sirtaki steps as Zorba did ? Great advantage is to know how to dance greek in Greece or wherever you are. Learn Zorba the greek dance steps as they are in Anthony Quinn greek movie to get greek spirit.

Dance Syrtaki with Zorba the Greek !  This greek folk dance is so loved in the entire world that it became the music symbol of Greece. How did Greek Syrtaki dance become so popular ? With Zorba the Greek ? Yes…

Origin of Syrtaki dance : This kind of greek dance actually appeared with the famous film Zorba the Greek directed by Michael Cacoyannis and played by Anthony Quinn in 1964 adapted from the novel “Life and Adventures of Alexis Zorbas”  written in 1946 by the famous writter Nikos Kazantzakis. The music of Zorba  was composed by the most famous world and Greek songwriter Mikis Theodorakis.

How to get Anthony Quinn greek movie greek spirit ?  Seeing the film Zorba the Greek  to understand Greek History just after the World War II but also reading “Life and Adventures of Alexis Zorbas” from Nicos Kazandzakis. By this way, you understand that life is only a short time. Consequently, you have to make the most of life as following :

  • realize your dreams even the most foolish one(s). In this way, you will not regret anything in your life
  • do not take social taboos into consideration even if you run the risk of being rejected by the society you live in. You will surely find another place to live in the entire world !
  • be a good person : a good friend to anybody. Do not hurt anybody in order for you to live in peace with yourself till the end of your life.
  • learn to sacrifice you life time for your friends and family members when they need you
  • learn to love life with its good and bad sides. If you never cry, you will never laugh. Enjoy life almost everyday with your family and real friends : They will never deceive you…
  • laugh, sing and dance everyday ! Sirtaki dance steps slow are when you feel life in all your body and Sirtaki dance steps quick are when you feel just happy !  

A little bit history  : Syrtaki dance comes from Syrtos dance. This kind of Greek dance is actually coming from Syrtos dance existing from Ancient Greek period !  The word Syrtos derives from the Greek verb « σύρω » (suro) meaning  « to draw, to drag”.  We found written reference of The Syrtos dance from  the Theban general Epaminondas  : “With respect to God, celebrate the big national feasts and the national orchestra of Syrtos”

Kind of Syrtos dances : Syrto-kalamatianos, Cretan syrtos,  syrtos Rodou etc. are some of the most popular Greek syrtos dances. Syrtos is one of the most liked Greek folk dances and music in Cyprus too. It could be said dance for tourists but actually Greeks adopted this dance at once after the film Zorba the Greek. It is frequently danced by the Greek diaspora woldwide. This kind of Greek dance is  very popular in social gatherings like weddings for example. Learn wedding dance steps slow is admirable advantage to participate in weddings in Greece !

What are the differences between Syrtali and Syrtos dance ? : Both are traditional greek line dances in a curving line all holding hands, facing right but for Syrtos dance at the right end of the line, there is a leader. He may also be a solo performer, improvising showy twisting skillful moves as the rest of the line does the basic step. While he does this, the next dancer in line stops dancing and holds him up with a twisted handkerchief linking their hands, so he can turn and not fall down.

The Syrtaki dance steps are easier : Εverybody dances in harmony. It is a kind of mixture of slow and fast versions of the Hasapiko danse. It is just danced in a line or circle formation with hands held on neighbours’ shoulders. The dance  begins with slower, smoother actions, gradually transforming into faster, vivid ones, often including hops and leaps.


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