How to make your children happy in the future ?

How to make your children happy in the future ? That is a question everybody ask because we see that world is getting worse: economical wars and more starvation with poverty in all over the world drive children and kids in a uncertain obscure future path where they will have to fight hard to be happy. How can we make chidren happy in the future. I would like you to help me answer to that…

I have only 30 years of experience as an adult and I have one child of 14 years-old. Somethimes, I get into pessimism for my kid but I do not allow myself to express it in front of her. Every mother wants her child happy. Actually, it is the most important think in a mother’s life : To make happy her kid(s). But what are the ways to make children successful and happy in their future life ?

I am going to give you my ideas but I would like you to give me your thoughts, ideas and convictions concerning that matter…

  • Mother must not give birth to a child if she lives a precarious life : poverty with a insecure companion. Better is to sacrifice every woman’s purpose which is to have children, rather than to have them in need of affection, health, food and money.
  • Family must be united even in difficult conditions (financial…etc). Problems must not separate couples but quite the opposite. It is a matter of consciousness of every part in the couple.
  • Family with social and financial problems must ask for civil social services assistance or get help from somebody (a relative, a neighbour, a friend). People have to stop thinking and acting selfishly. Solidarity and voluntary work is, thanks to God, among us but it is not enough.
  • Women and men in difficulties must not be kept in ignorance of thinks : They must talk and meet people. In that way, they will blow off steam. They will be relieved and they will stop to feel shameful and they will be able to solve some of their major problems.
  • If mothers in difficulties follow the above instructions, they will be able to see a glimmer of hope : to see themselves and their children happier in the future.
  • Men and women must not stop fighting to raise in a decent way their children or kids : That means that they must keep something (money) for a rainy day, if they can, and abide by some reasonable family rules. They won’t never give up, even if the their situation seems to be hopeless.


Concerning the family behaviour in front of the children and kids, it must be as following in my opinion :

  • Balanced father and/or mother must find time to talk with their chidren to be closer to them. They will turn off the TV and computers and have dinner with their family everyday.
  • Parents have to let kids to express themselves even if there is disagreement. Every member of the family expresses opinions with arguments to reach a common agreement. Nobody may not be fully satisfied but the family final outcome must be the valid one.
  • Parents  have to look after their kids for them to avoid bad companies : How are their friends, how good is their environnement (school, neighbourhood…)
  • They must encourage the kids to be good students in order for them to get useful diploma(s) passport to a job.
  • They must let them work when they are not at school courses to make them tougher : to make them understand that it is difficult to earn easily money and gratitude.
  • By working, kids have their own money. They win self-confidence, respect and support from everybody around them.
  • Well on earth, in family and friendly environnement, kids can start to think of fun and passions : entertainings, flirts with other young partners, trips, discovery activities with various arts in order to built up their character and be able to act cheerfully.

Life today and in the coming years get harder and harder with a lot of competitivity but mother and father have to make their kids laugh. Nothing seems to be pleasant around us : selfishness, racism, mounting situation of social classes of the very rich and poor people, unemployment, environmental pollution, economical wars… As individuals, we must fight against all the above existing situations I enumerated.

We must remain human, understanding and we must fight against all social injustice… for liberty, equality and democracy. All that took a long time to come to me in France because people there are more cold and selfish. Living in Grecce all came quicker to me : I learnt what family and frienship mean and this really helped me to find happiness that I think I am able to transmit to my child… 

Now it is your turn to  give me your thoughts, ideas and convictions on how to make kids happy in the future.

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