In the island of Patmos Apostle John wrote the Apocalypse

In Greece, in the island of Patmos Apostle John wrote the Apocalypse, the last book of the New Testament of the bible. The book of revelations Apocalypse prophecies the end of present world with Jesus defeating his last adversary Satan or evil and it is the beginning of new earth…

In exile because of anti-Christian persecution under the Romans, hidden in Greek Dodecanese island Patmos, John heard a great voice or a prophetic vision telling him to write part of the Bible revelations Apocalypse and in a cave on the hill of Patmos, he started to write about the end of times. Some researchers still can not answer to the question : Is John of Patmos John the apostle ? But I think it is not important matter to study.

The book Apocalypse in revelations is written around the year 68 AD, in Greek language Koine . In the book of revelations Apocalypse , god will have one day in the future final confrontation with evil. The wicked are judged, the righteaous are rewarded and it is the beginning of a Millenial KingdomJesus just let Satan into prison and 1.000 years after, he will be released. We can wonder why…

Why shoud we read more informations about Aposte John Island Patmos revelation ? Because the book of revelation Apocalypse is full of enigma, signs and unbelievable truth about the future : the Goodies fighting desesperately with the Baddies. Will always the Good part defeat the Bad part ? It’s the question I ask everyday…. Hope makes me live because

we all know that Earth is about to die with all its inhabitants at the same time :

  • there will not be enough water and food feeding the thousand million people on earth,
  • nature with animals are in danger of extinction because of pollution and exploitation provoked by humandkind.
  • A third World war III is possible with huge exterminating nuclear weapons

Through the Apocalypse book of the Bible, we have a message of hope, hope that the people who have faith in the good things will be finally relieved. Among this world of Injustice, there are some good people that do not want anything else but Peace, Harmony and Happiness on earth….like me.

Nicolas Poussin landscape with St John on Patmos , 1640

For more information about the Bible revelations Apocalypse, I propose you to read the book « Seven Churches of the Apocalypse » written in 2008 by Donald F. Evans & Robert L.Clowers . This book make you discover today in Turkey the seven major churches of Early Christianity (revealed in the Apocalypse)

Description of the book (by publisher, in : The Seven Churches in the Revelation to John were located in seven cities that can still be found today in modern Turkey. This book provides one of the best pictorial guides available on the subject. 144 photos and 162 pages take you step by step from the Island of Patmos, where St. John saw his vision, around the Ring Road to Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and finally to Laodicea.

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