Kastellorizo is greek paradisiac island

Kastellorizo is greek. It is a very small island of the Dodecannese, east of Greece, 2 kms of south Turkish coast. It is the eastern greek island that we must not forget to visit. You will have there simple and joyful lifetime there. 


Where is Kastellorizo ? Kastellorizo island is 78 mi from Rhodes island and is a smal  beautiful island of 9 km3 with 400 inhabitants. Kastellorizo was assigned to Greece in 1948, after World War II, with the other Dodecanese islands.


How can we go to Kastellorizo island ? There is a ferry boat from Rhodes (duration : about 4 hours) or planes from Rhodes to the island  (duration : 25 min)

Where to stay at Kastellorizo ? I have never been there but a friend of mine went there last year. He was really appreciating his stay at Poseidon hotel.a nice studio with kitchenette. He said he had the feeling to live plently the island staying in that hotel appart (photo below)

What to see at Kastellorizo ?

1. The Castle of the Knights (14th century) at the east part of the island on the Kastel Rosso rock (which creates the name Kastellorizo).  It remains only a part of a square tower and cylindrical towers.

2.  Paleokastro is a kastle on the island’s ancient acropolis (270m high)  In its interior stand an ancient tower, built with square Mycenaeans limestone blocks and cisterns. Carved on the base of the castle there is a Doric reference to Megisti (the ancient name of Kastellorizo)

3. Agios Georgios tou Vounioy. Not far from Paleokastro, from the harbour, 400 scales drives you to the Monastery of Agios Georgios (See photos below). Inside, there are the catacombs of Agios Haralambos.


4.  Lycian rock-cut tomb (4rd B.C) -see photo below-  is unique in Greece. It’s just below the Knights castle and easy to reach along a paved coastal footpath. The structure is in very good condition. The skill of the Lycian craftsmen carving the tombs is really very impressive. They are many tombs like that in their area in Turkey. The Lycians were Anatolian people southwest (of Turkey today). At Lycian Olympus, they adored Apollon (Lykeiou Apollon) as representative of Sun and Light (« Lyk » means Light).


5. Kastellorizo Archaeological Museum (housed at Konaki since 1841). -see photos above-.  It’s part of Castle’s ramparts. Among the exhibits, you will find from the excavations made 1913 : roman statues, hellenistic inscriptions and icons and stuff from St Nikolaos & St Constantine and St Helen’s church. You will find also small folk art collection of traditional cloathes, musical instruments, embroidery etc

6. Caves : There are a number of notable sea caves including the so-called Blue Grotto

7. Agios Konstandinos and Eleni church (1835)

8. Rο island : Despina Achladioti or Lady of Ro’s story 


To be followed…



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