Let’s go Thasos in Greece… green island

Let’s go Thasos in Greece. It is a beautiful green island in Greece. You want to go on holiday to Greece this summer? Go with your family in northern Greece. But what to see in Thasos?

Where’s Thasos? Thasos is a mountainous island (culminating at 1.200 m) in northern Greece, west of the island of Samothrace. It is the northernmost island of Greece located 25 kms from Kavala (the city of the nearest mainland in Greece). The capital of the island is Limenas. The island is very green and mountainous. The island is exploiting wood and marble and, like the other islands, also knows tourism but not massive one like in the Cyclades.


Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για thassos greece map

How to go to Thasos? From Thessaloniki, first, take the car you rented or take the bus called KTEL for Kavala. Then, take your ferry from the port of Keramoti, east of the city of Kavala. You can leave from Kavala but everything is more complicated: big traffic, more expensive tickets …
Where to have accomodation in Thasos? When I went to the island five years ago, I booked to the Golden Beach Inn, near the beach Chryssi Ammoudia. I liked this complex because first of all I had a great view of the sea.
1. The town of Thasos. I liked very much this town with its old port, its archaeological museum, the ceramic workshop of Costis and the Marion lake Thasos has 2 ports: the Old port and the modern port. The old port is a pitturesque port nice for strolling and for having your coffee by the seaside.

    The museum

2. The villages of the island
A. The village of Theologos with its folk museum. Theologos is among the oldest and most beautiful villages on the island. It is famous for its stone and yellow and blue-coloured mansions and…  its good tavernas. There is a museum located in a traditional building in the center of the village. On the first floor you can see objects associated with factories and traditional professions and on the second floor, there is a reconstruction of a traditional house of Thasos.


B. The village of Limenas (north) and the ancient Agora. It is the capital and main port of Thasos. Located in the north side of the island, Limenas is surrounded by picturesque beaches and beautiful nature. Limenas includes the remains of the ancient town of Thasos. On the ancient Agora, you can see the ruins of temples and sanctuaries, an Odeon, a theatre and the Acropolis located on a hillside overlooking Limenas. Really nice…. !



c. Potamia village. It is located 10 km southeast of Limenas in a lush vegetation. It was built on the  mountainsides of the highest mountain in Thassos. The village is full of beautiful old houses. The Museum of Vagis (a Greek American artist) can also be visited. Really worth a visit !

3. Discover the beaches of Thasos. The beaches of Chrissi Ammoudia and Salaria have been my favorite beaches in the island.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για thassos greece  

Chrissi Ammoudia  beach               Saliara beach with its pepples


4. A. The monastery of the archangel Michael -photo lower left-. It is an ancient monastery with a very interesting architecture because it is located on a hill above Livadi. It was built at the top of a cliff and the view from the monastery is really captivating. The edifice was built in 1843 and it became a monastery in 1987. B. The monastery of Panayia is also a beautiful monastery located between the villages of Mariess and Skala. In this monastery, the pilgrims come to see the icon of Panayia, dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin Mary. You can admire the unique landscape located more below from the monastery.

5. The island of Gramvoussa. It is from the side of Skala Potamia. The thick vegetation makes it impossible to explore the all island. The small church of St. Daniel is located at the top of the hill. The inhabitants visit this church on the day of the Feast of St Daniel each year.

6. A natural swimming pool in Yiola. It is a natural pool that is created at Atris. The height of the rock reaches 8 meters, height from which many swimmers plunge. The path to Yiola is not easy for your walk but the final destination is stunning. Arrived at Poto, go head towards Atris. After the hotel Aeria, you will find a sign on your right mentionning « Sirinès ». Turn right on the path. Then, you arrive on a beach. There you can park your jeep. Then, take a path on your left. There are a lot of signs which  show you the way. The path of the main road is about 2 kms.

   Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για φυσικη πισινα θασος

 Have nice holidays at Thasos !



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