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What is greek mastiha ? Greek Mastiha Chios is healthy. It’s a natural antioxidant anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial resin from Chios island trees which, when chewed, releases a refreshing, slightly piney flavor. It is also used in sweets. Combine usefulness with pleasure taking it if I succeed in convincing you to buy it  in Mastiha shop on line in It won’t be difficult, I think…

Chios mastiha tears

Why shoud you buy mastika from Chios greek island ? It is extracted from the unique Pistacia Lentiscus var Chia tree only growing in this Greek island. For some essential good reasons, you have to get it in all the rooms of your house….

  • in your medecine chest because Chios masticha is natural medicinal plant product. Mastic has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It struggles against peptic ulcers provoked by H.Pylori bacteria. Pistacia lentiscus has been traditionally regarded also as an anti-cancer agent : especially against stomach, spleen and colon cancersMastic from Chios also reduces heart attacks : it’s able to absorb cholesterol and keep stable blood pressure. This mastic Chios is also and anti-inflammatory, antioxidant. 
  • in your bathroom because mastiha Chios can be your toothpaste. It prevents tooth decay and bacterial plaque. It’s a breath freshener, teeth cleaner and whitener. Mastiha chios is also a natural beauty product and cosmetic product (soap, lotions & shampoos…)
  • in your kitchen because Chios mastic gums after lunch helps in cases of lack of trace elements, of stomach desorders as heartburns, hepatic inflammation, dyspepsia etc. Mastiha Chios also fights again cholesterol !  
  • in your living room whenever you have visitors : Greek mastic is added in many greek main courses but especially Chios mastic is used in desserts : pastries, cookies and brioche, ice creams and Vanillia sweet spoons Chios speciality and liker mastika
How is Mastiha from Chios island cultivated ? Well, it is extracted from many thousands years ago. Given that greek Chios mastic was rare, the Ottomans 200 years ago exploited it largely as if it was gold ! Today Chios mastiha is highly protected in order to assure its continuous cultivation. The resinous crystal granules come from splicing open the tree and let its sap flow like slow-motion tears to the ground. They are sorted and sold in all other the world !
My experience : Personaly, I often use mastiha in my food because I like its taste very much. Living in Greece, I often buy at the baker’s tsoureki (τσουρέκι in greek) which is actually brioche made of mastic. I always have in my handbag mastiha chios chewing gum. My cousin living in Philadelpha, USA,  told me that there are Mastiha shops in New York but of course, for facility, he ordered some of the below Greek Mastiha products on line in site. Here are below the products you can find there. If you want to buy one of them, click the frame(s) below.

 Mastiha Chios gums, the highest quality & highest purity, most natural and healthy chewing gum existing in the world (no peservatives). Ready to pop and chew.
  Toothpaste  » »

  Mastiha powder for cooking, used in preparation of breads, pastries, ice creams, sweet puddings, spoon sweets. Mastic powder mixed with sugar and rose or orange blossom water is used to flavor desserts, sweetmeats, ice cream, syrups, and cordials.

  Organic Mastiha toffee sweet or named in Greek « submarine ». The common way of eating Mastiha sweet is to take a spoonful, submerge it in a glass of cold water and lick it like a lollipop





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