Milos a beautiful greek island in the Cyclades in Greece

Discover Milos greek island with me. Milos a beautiful greek island because Milos island is unique. But where is Milos Greece ? What is the best place to stay in Milos island ?

Where is located Milos ? Milos is the greek southwesternmost island in the Cyclades group of islands. Most of the Milos land is covered by hills and the highest one is Mont Profitis Ilias (774 m). its area is estimated at 151 square klms.

Like Santorini, the island is of volcanic origin and therefore presents an impressive coastal morphology and diversity. There  are white beaches, bays surrounded by stones, and white, red, yellow or black rocks !

Things to do in Milos island.  You arrived by plane in Milos island through Athens. You can rent a car or a squad (if you are a couple) to visit the all island.

  • In the northern side of Milos, near byr Triovasalo, you will discover the lunar lanscapes of Sarakiniko. White rocks sleeked by erosion emerge from deep blue waters creating caves on the surface and horizontal plates on which you can bask.

  • In the southwesternmost part of Milos, take a small boat leaving from Adamas. You will discover the Kleftiko caves. Theser marine Meteors are quite stunning around and in the middle of the sea. The boat will drop anchor to let you dive off . These 2 hours in the crystal-clear water will remain unforgettable.

  • Afternoon on Profiti Ilia hills. There is a fortress from the 13rd century and the very nice churches of Maidens Skiniotissa and Thalassitra. Stay there till 8.30 to admire the amazing sunset. It’s really worth seeing it …


What is the best place to stay in Milos island ? I suggest a sta at Anemos Studios. This complex is near Adamas with its shops and restaurants…. The value for money is the best I could find on my itinerary in Milos. The studios are clean and fully well equipped.


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