Nick Cave in « Push the Sky Away » sings for Greece

The famous Australian artist Nick Cave with the Bad Seeds in his new album « Push the Sky Away » sings for Greece. The title of the song is « Lightning Bolts« . Many years with Greek people, he feels that it’s time to talk about about the indignants’ demonstrations in Athens.

He recently admitted in greek newspaper « Ethnos tis Kyriakis » the following : « I was going in Athens on Grinderman tour when the Greece protesters were appearing and disappearing (in the streets). I wrote this song for the kids and our inability to protect them from the world we create for them and the real appearance of this country in the grip entered a song. I had the idea given that my children twins are gift from Gods. I joined them to the Athens’ protesters symbolizing the decline of civilization. In my song, the twins play all happy, but around them the world is falling down« …[...] It hurts me to see this country in such a critical condition. [...] but I know very well that they are witty people, strong and unruly« .

Below see video « Lightning Bolts » song of Nick Cave in new february 2013 album Put the sky away

Nick cave and the bad seeds lyrics for « Lightning Bolts »

Two lightning bolts were delivered to my room
They were gifts from Zeus
I rock the bolts in a basinet of pine
People ask me how I am
I say I am all right
I’m fine!
I push the lightning bolt in a pram
Till the sun goes down & it gets dark
The girls from Jubilee Street hang out their windows
And they wave & ask me how I am tonight
I say I am good
I’m all right!
I Athens all the youths are crying from the gas
I am by the hotel room working on a tan
People come up and ask me who I am
I say if you don’t know
Don’t ask
Zeus laughs but it’s the gas
He asks me how I am
I say Zeus don’t ask
My lightning bolts are jolts of joy
They are joy boys from Zeus
I fed them porridge in their booster seats of knowledge
And in the cradle of democracy the pigeons are wearing gas masks
My lightning bolts play in the elevators
They slide down the hotel banister
And Zeus throws a gas canister
And it spins around the pool
As pigeons wearing respirators
Steal the lightning bolts
Zeus wants them back
O my bolts of joy
O my darling little boys
They are lost to us
And people
They are never coming back
At night I watch them sleep
And cry years of tears
And it’s not the gas
People ask me how we are
We are I say mostly lost

Nick Cave Put the sky away cover

How is Nick Cave connected to Greece ? This great Australian musician, songwriter, author, screenwriter and composer known for his fabulous poetic ballads, melancholy love songs and Southern gothic violence, came for the first time :

  • in September 1982 in Greece to a 3 days festival at Sporting place with the group The Birthday Party (highly gothic with challenging lyrics and violent sounds influenced by punk music).
  • Rodon, club 22 Lykavitto theatre,
  • on the 20th of  November 1984, in Athens at Hima Club with the rock band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, established in 1983, a group known for its eclectic influences and musical styles.
  • on the 5th of September 1987 in Athens at the Club 22 with the rock band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  • on the 3rd of May 1989 in Athens, at Rodon with the rock band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  • on the 16th of June 1990 in Athens at Lycabetus Theatre with the rock band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  • on May 1992 after 10 years of absence at Sporting place with the rock band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  • on April 1995 in Athens at Peristeri Arena and then in Thesaloniki in Greece at Mylos Club and Ivanofeio
  • in the 14th of July 1998 in Athens for Rockwave Festival
  • on June 2008 at Thessaloniki at Moni Lazariston and in Athens at Lycabettus theatre
  • In 2006, he formed the band Grinderman (Garage rock) and he came in Athens on July 2011 with of course Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey and Jim Sclavunos with the album Grinderman 2 but Cave announced that Grinderman were over in dec.2011
  • These last 2 years, he works also with the great Greek Cretan Lyra musician Psarantoni. Nick Cave Psarantonis relashionship is great : Successful concert took place in Athens in 2011 at Lycabettus Theatre with both of them after Festival All Tomorrow’s parties » in Australia. 



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