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Visit Serifos island in Greece

Visit Serifos island in Greece. Where is serifos island ? An island in the cyclades of Greece. This nice island in Greece is amazing. One of the coolest islands in Greece I’ve ever visited. Let me talk about this island

   Lia beach

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Visit Naxos island in Greece

Is Naxos a good island to visit ? Yes, visit Naxos island in Greece for its natural beauty and history. Naxos is one of the best Cyclades greek islands to visit for its beautiful villages and beaches. It’s really worth going and discover this island but what to do in Naxos island ?

  Portara   Naxos castle

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Milos a beautiful greek island in the Cyclades in Greece

Discover Milos greek island with me. Milos a beautiful greek island because Milos island is unique. But where is Milos Greece ? What is the best place to stay in Milos island ?

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Best Hotel Grece 2014 Hotel Tsitouras Collection at Santorini in Greece

Discover All Greece Best Hotel Greece 2014 Awards comes to Hotel Tsitouras Collection in Santorini island, best island in Europe. The top hotel Tsitouras Collection Santorin is a treasure on  the Greek Aegean sea…

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Top 5 best beaches in Greece 2014, DiscoverAllGreece’s Awards

What are the best beaches in Greece 2014 ? Here is my top 5 best beaches in Greece. The Top exotic beaches in the world are also in Greece. DiscoverAllGreece’s Awards 2014

DiscoverAllGreece Award for Egremni beach Lefkada , No 1 best island in Greece.

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List greek islands with airports

Here is the list Greek islands with airports. List of greek islands for holidays with the list of ionian islands, list of Greek islands Cyclades, list Dodecanese islands, list North Aegean islands Greece, list of Sporades islands

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