Santorini best island in Greece

  Santorini best island in Greece. When the Santorini experience takes place, you feel the happiness. What are things to do Santorini island Greece?

Go to Santorini, the most visited Greek island with its white houses and churches with the turquoise domes lying on the rocky volcanic top is a must. But how to go to Santorini? What to visit in  Santorini? Where to sleep in Santorini? I’ll try to answer all your questions…

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για santorini and me   Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για santorini and me   Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για santorini and me

How to go to Santorini? Nothing easier with its cheap flights. There are flights from the main American and European cities. There are sky and sea departures from many Greek cities for Santorini.


Where to sleep in Santorini? There is everything you want. It depends on your financial possibilities. First, I recommend the hotel 5 stars Santorini Greece « Splendour Resort« , and then hotel Sun Rocks at Firostefani, and finally, at Oia, the hotel of charm of Santorini Mystical or « Katikies » or « Canaves » Kirini santorini« .  In brief, it represents all you see on magazines when you are sitting and waiting at the hairdresser’s: these beautiful hotels with their superb pools with no limited view on the Aegean sea. An experience not to be missed in your lifetime… And as fourth options, I suggest hotels 5 stars Santorini: La Maltese Hotel and Santorini princess Imerovigli, etc… and as fifth options, I propose the good hotels 4 and 3 stars in Fira « Rena’s rooms & Suites » and Dana Villas in Fira, Abyssanto Imerovigli… and finally, open a parenthesis for the beautiful camping Santorini. I’ve obviously omitted many good hotels and I apologize. We could draw up together a list with our assessments … it would be very interesting, I think.
How to visit Santorini? Tourist Office information points should lead and help you. However, here is a list of tours I propose to you after my 3 day trip to Santorini in 2004. To travel to Santorini, my husband and I had our motorcycle:  it was ideal for visiting the island from our hotel in Thira.

  • Santorini is a small island (Santorini area: 76 square kilometers and population: 10,000) but there are many places to visit.  1st day: « Santorini volcano » not be afraid ! The latest news reassures us and reveals that there have been no eruptions for more than 60 years… You will descend from boat on the islet of Kameni in Thira. Up to a few tens of Euros, you will walk a little to reach the crater ; you can be on the back of a donkey ; you swim in colored sea water ; you will and smell smooth odors of sulphur. Take your swimsuit, skid shoes, water, sunscreen cream and sunglasses, of course. This experience is really great, unique in Europe, with superb views on Thira.
  • 2nd day: Sunset from Oia. What time is the sun  lying at Oia in summer time ? In late July, at 20:30. After a visit in Imerovigli, visit the beautiful village of Oia : After a visit to the maritime Museum, admire our biggest star disappearing behind the Aegean’s horizon. Many people gather at Oia, the best place to see the sunset. Do not forget to take place early at Oia « balconies ».


  • 3rd day on the streets. Look at your plan of Santorini but if you are a bit tired, stay at Thira. Visit the archaeological museum and the prehistoric Museum. In the afternoon, stroll in the city : in the commercial streets and go to drink a coffee on the Theokopoulos place. In the evening, go to a restaurant and enjoy typical dishes of Santorini gardens (photo below on the right) : Discover mild or more stronng Chloro goat cheese. Try beans, steak with tomato, white eggplant with a Savvatiano or Athiri wine. Have a drink in the pubd of effervescent village of Thira.
   Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για προιοντα σαντορινη


My experience: I have traveled in Greece since I’m in this country (since 1988) and I confess that this island is engraved in all its details in my memory forever. This island is amazing for its geological constitution; It is full of history; It is inevitably romantic; Everything is alive all around you all year long. It is full of a unique traditional  life. I will return, it is sure…
Have nice holidays on the best island of Europe and in one of the tenth best island of the world !








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