Sightseeing in Santorini island in Greece

   Sightseeing in Santorini island in Greece is absolutely a delight. This very weird volcanic greek island is the most visited in all Greece all year long. There are so interesting and unusual things to see in Santorini that your stay there will be indelibly on your memory : white houses near by churches with blue turquoise domes stretched out on a high volcanic brown cliffs. How to get to Santorini island in Greece ? What are the things to do in Santorini in Greece ? How will be your holiday accommodation in Santorini in Greece ? I will try to answer all your questions…

How to get to Santorini island ? Nothing better than taking flight from well-known European capital or from Athens. There are cheap flights if you book your tickets early on Skyscanner (click here). The 2nd option is to take a boat from Pireaus Athens to Santorini. It can be a very cheap way to travel to Santorini with 10 hours voyage.

How big is Santorini island in Greece ? Santorini (or Thira) is an island in the very south of Cyclades group of Island at the very middle of the Aegean sea. It is about 75 km2 (28 sq mi) with a population of 15,550. Santorini is what remains after an huge volcanic explosion that destroyed the earliest settlements and created the current geological caldera. See below santorini island greece google map I found on Google

How will be your holiday accommodation in Santorini in Greece ? There are all kinds of accomodation within your means. I recommend to you the following accomodations :

In the category of 5 stars hotels : At Firostefani, « Splendour Resort » or « Sun Rocks« . At Oia, « Mystique » and at Imerovigli, « La Maltese Hotel » or « Santorini princess« . In brief, the perfect accomodations you see on magazines whenever you go to your hairdresser : White beautifully sober white low walls with amazing overflowing swimming pools becoming one with the blue of the Aegean sea. An experience you shouldn’t miss on no account ! In the category of 4 and 3 stars hotels : No not hesitate to go to Rena’s Suites at Fira.

What are the things to do in Santorini in Greece ? Well, I propose you my 3 days Santorini Greece vacations package which is actually my own experience lived in 2004 with my family. To travel into Santorini island, we had our powerful scooter with us. I think this kind of means of transport is the ideal in this kind of high island with sinuous roads.

  • Santorini is a quite small island but there are many things to do there. 1st day :  » Santorin volcanic eruption day »  Don’t be afraid, the last news about Thira’s volcano activity are reassuring : No eruptions at all during the last 60 years !. The tour starts by sailing from the island of Santorini over to the volcano in the middle of the caldera. Once the boat gets to the volcano, the guide leads you up the volcano. You will be hiking the volcano. The view is absolutely amazing. After seeing the volcano, we will sail over to swim in the hot springs. You can jump in there : The water is warm and muddy. It is not very attractive but mud does good things for your skin. From there the boat will take you to Thirasia, a smaller island across from the main island of Santorini. You can have lunch there and afterwards admire the view on Thira. Just some pieces of advice : Have good nonslip shoes, small bottles of water and sunglasses with you.
  • 2nd day : what time is sunset in Santorini at Oia today ? In summer at half past eight. In September -October, let’s say 19.30 pm. After a visit at Imerovigli, it is worth seeing the nice village of Oia. Except from going to museum and walking in the narrow street of Oia, admire our biggest star disappearing slowly below the Aegean horizon. Many people gather there to see the sunset, so take pleace early in the afternoon….


  • 3rd day : You look at your Santorini map but you are a little lit tired. No problem, just stay to Thira. You can go and visit the archaeological museum and the prehistoric museum ! On the afternoon, have a walk in town, in the commercial area and go to taste Frappé coffee on Theokopoulos square. On the evening, go and taste typical cuisine of Santorini (beans salad, Chloro goat cheese, lean ground beef cooked with tomatoes, white aubergine and drink Asyrtiko wine or Athiri wine). And if you want a drink, go the nice bars of Thira.
My experience : I traveled a lot within the last 25 years of life here in Greece. This island stirred me completly. Even if now 9 years have passed, I remember evry detail of my trip there. This island is so weird, so wild, so beautiful day and night. Everything is so romantic there. It is full of history and it has a lot to tell us about nature. I plan to go there this year with my family from France. I think it is the best destination to plan in Greece.

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