Tenedos island in Turkey

   Discover all Greece through Tenedos island in Turkey. Tenedos energy can be benefit for your holidays. Visit beautiful Bozcaada in Turkey named Tenedos in more ancient time : Tenedos bay,Tenedos castle… Learn about its history. Enjoy Tenedos tourism with typical Tenedos cafe and Tenedos restaurant. Tenedos map below


Where is Tenedos island Turkey ? Tenedos island in Turkey or Bozcaada in turkish da in turkish is in west northern part of the Aegean sea in Mediterranean sea, near the western exit of Dardanelles. With an area of 40 km2 and has a population of 2.500. The island has been famous for its grapes and wine.

Why you should visit Tenedos ? It is a beautiful green island with pine woods and Mediterranean shrubland lined with beautiful crystalline sea water !  You can enjoy time on the beautiful beaches of the island, near the harbour or on Ayazma and Habbele. You can visit Tenedos castle which is still maintaining its glory, this is one of the castles that are in best condition in Turkey. You can walk in the narrow old cobbled streets and discover Tenedos traditional architecture.

Ayazma beach                                           Habbele beach


Tenedos bay                                                   Tenedos street

How to go to Tenedos ? From Istanbul airoport, I went to Canakkale by bus (from the Büyük or the Harem bus statio, distance 320 kms). Arrived at Geyikli port  by bus from Canakkale (30kms), you can take fast ferry boat to Tenedos (30 min).

Tenedos accomodation in hotel ? My family and I stayed at Ela Tenedos hotel, a nice hotel with view on Bozcaada harbour with castle. Facilities and service were good, white rooms clean…


Greek history on Tenedos island. There was Apollon temple on the island from the Ancient time. Tyrrhenians and and Pelasgians founded Tenedos in the Alps. As it is said in the Iliad of Homer (8th cend BC), the Greeks hid their fleet during the Trojan war to make Trojans believe that war was over and that Trojan Horse is a gift to introduce within their Ilios city walls.

During Medieval period, Tenedos island was matter of conflicts between Genoa and Venice. As a result of the 3 years War of Chioggia, the entire population was evacuated  : 4.000 Greek islanders from Tenedos were resettled in Crete and Euboea and the town was demolished (Photos below of Caste of Tenedos and painting « Battle of Chioggia) by Grevembroch (18th cent) at Museo Correr.  The Ottoman Empire took control over the deserted island in 1455. Tenedos served as naval base and exil place (Constantine Mourousis Phanariote Prince of Moldovia was exiled there).


Tenedos to the new Turkish republic in 1923. In 1920, according to Treaty of Sèvres, Tenedos inhabited in majority by Greeks is given back to Greece. 2.800 Greeks were in Limnos area.   According to Treaty of Lausanne, after Greeks failed in their Asia Minor campaign, Tenedos and Imbros islands are given to the new Turkish republic which emerged with the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire in 1923. The treaty called in 14th art. for autonomous administration to accommodate the local Greek population and Greeks were excluded from the population exchanges between Greece and Turkey but treaty had not been respected. Greeks lost their homes and lands, churches has been pillaged and greek school closed. , reit did not . Tenedos remained majority Greek till the late 1960s and early 1970s, when many Greeks emigrated because of systemic discrimination. Today, just a few Greeks bent with age live on Tenedos.

  Agia Paraskevi church




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