The Greek Dr Papanicolaou invented Pap test to detect cervical cancer

No need to look at «  papanicolaou wiki  » on your PC. I can tell you that Dr George Papanicolaou is greek and invented after World war II the Pap test (or Pap smear) to detect cervical cancer of the woman’s uterus. Do not forget to get your annual Pap test ! Cervical cancer is the 2nd most common cancer worldwide in women but it can be prevented and treated in time…What is the meaning of pap smear negative hpv positive ?

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Why is Pap test or pap smear a revolutionary discovery ? Because for the first time in history, Dr Papanicolaou with H.Traut invented a simple test to detect and prevent cervical cancer and other cytologic diseases of the women reproductive system.

Why should you get Pap test ? Because cervical cancer is :

  • the 2nd most common cancer worldwide
  • From the most common cancer death for women in the U.S, thanks to Pap test, the death has dropped dramatically 
  • One year after being diagnosed with cervical cancer, the rate of survival is 90%

What is cervical cancer ? It is uterus cancer starting to grow on a woman’s narrow cervix of the uterus. Cervical cancer forms slowly, with no symptoms until it is advanced. It is caused by the common HPV virus that turns normal cells to abnormal ones. Detection can only be made with annual Pap screening test. Every year in the U.S., about 12.000 women get cervical cancer but it is the most preventable type of female cancer, with both HPV vaccines and regular screening tests. Most of the time, the body’s immune system fights off HPV naturally within two years, before HPV causes any health problems. 

It is only when HPV stays on a woman’s cervix for one, two or more years that it can cause cervical cancer. Since cervical cancer often does not cause symptoms until it is advanced, it is important to get screened once a year even when you feel healthy.

What is Abnormal pap smear result means ? It means that cell changes by HPV were found on your cervix. This usually does not mean that you have cervical cancer. The changes may be minor (low-grade) or serious (high-grade). Most of the time, minor changes go back to normal on their own. But more serious changes can turn into cancer if they are not removed. The more serious changes are often called “pre cancer” because they are not yet cancer, but they can turn into cancer over time. It is important to make sure these changes do not get worse.

What is the meaning of positive hpv test Negative pap smear ? Pap smear negative hpv positive means that no suspicious cHanges have been detected relate to cancer of the cervix. On the other hand, you have some type of HPV which created abnormal cervical cells but that doesn’t mean that you will developp cancer. With a next pap test within the next 6 month, we can see if HPV infections will clear on their own.  80% of women contract HPV at some point in their lives but that doesn’t mean cervical cancer. However, it is important to get frequent (annual or semestrial in case of HPV positive) to follow-ups the matter.

I think we will hear a lot again in the future about diagnosis of uterine cancer by the vaginal smear of Dr George Papanicolaou. This very common kind of cancer mostly in Africa can be treated easily in a very cheap way. It is up to us to control this kind of cells problem before it become a cancer. We have one of the key for a longer life, don’t lose it….

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