The Greek Evgenios Trivizas an original teller of fairy tales for children

Evgenios Trivizas biography is as creative and weird as his fairy tales books. Successful Professor of Criminology in England, he spent also his time writting strange fairytales for children. For example, the little wolves story with the big bad pig. Yes, it’s totally unheard of ! The Greek Evgenios Trivizas is an original teller of fairy tales you must bring to your kids. 


Eugene Trivizas has a so sweet surrealistic humour and his own specific use of language with words’ games is fabulous.  Eugene Trivizas stories are bubbling with energy and enthusiasm for the limitless. They are full of unexpected imagination deeply human. But perhaps the most important, his stories with his humorous characters raise serious social issues. The main Eugene Trivizas bookstranslated in english are the following :

  • The 3 little wolves and the big bad pig  activities (American best seller list for picture books and many other distinctions).


  • The last black cat Eugene  Trivizas story of a ruthless hunt in a society full of prejudice, superstition, exclusion and cruelty.

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig summary. Book illustrated by Helen Oxenbury and published in 1993. The 3 little wolves decide, away from their mother, to live on their own and  decide that they need to build a house to live in. They see a kangaroo who give them bricks for their home. But the next day the Big Bad Pig comes and tries to blow their house down but no damage is causes. The wolves escaped and decided to build an even stronger house. They see a beaver and they borrow some concrete from him to build their new and improved house. But see on the below picture what is going on ! Once again the wolves escape and see a rhinoceros with chains, sheet metal, padlocks, and all manner of heavy metal. They borrow some supplies from him and build an even stronger house. But the pig returned and blew up the house with dynamite. The wolves escape once again and decide that they need to try something different. Just then they see a flamingo with a wheelbarrow full of flowers. So the wolves decide to build their new home out of flowers. But this time when the pig came he took a deep breath to blow down the house and smelled the wonderful smell of all the flowers and started dancing. The pig had lost his big and bad disposition and became friends with the three little wolves.

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig moral : Remain totally unbiased. Learn to be friend with everybody, even with a said bad person. Help this person with his wounded heart and find a way to soften it. Live is finally very simple : Be kind and understanding. In this wat, you will live happy in a peaceful world.  

It’s worth giving Eugene Trivizas books to your children because it is another way to make him discover our society in a infantile accessible way ! Just try and you won’t regret, I swear !

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