Greek middle class victim of crisis is unfair !

How crisis got to Greek people ? Who is responsible for this ? There is only a word of truth in all the matter: The Greek middle class is not accountable for the economic crisis in Greece and is the only victim. This social stratum only pay taxes, knows unemployment and is near to poverty !
Crisis come from errors made in the past : It is true that Greece has an enormous debt accumulated over the last 25 years and that three years ago Greece came unable to face the European financial crisis. It is true that absolutely no one of the Greek Prime ministers over that period dared to deal with the debt to prevent present situation.
Crisis detroys Greek middle class : It is true that now the crisis spectrum is everyday among all Greek people living in Greece and that it creates an intolerable explosive chaos : The State administrations are  definitively not working with profitable organisation, factories and shops close every day, unemployment is increasing so fast (26%), purchasing power is desappearing….In brief, greek middle class pay the bill for all and I am one of the victims: One of the eight millions people having payed sudden huge taxes into Electricity bills for 2 years, who pays big yearly tax from this year on, who see salary reduced.
My experience for Greece in crisis : Everything seems to trickle through my fingers but I am not at fault ! It is quite unfair for me from this large social stratum who supported the country for 25 years so far…The persons responsibles for that or the bribers (politicians etc) has to pay for having caused such a deep economical crisis in Greece. It is sad to be reduced to that but they evaded taxations, wasted all the opportunuties (aids from E.U.) from 2002 on. Why should they be off ?!
Greek middle class people want justice to be done. Economic crisis of Europe covers all middle classes of Europe but are there some ways to fight it ? I think there are but all must be done among European political leaders. Germany has to accept a much looser monetary policy and the consequent higher inflation to help restore the competitiveness of Europe’s peripheral economies….

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