Best movies about Ancient Greece

holly  See below what are the most famous and best movies about Ancient Greece these last years.  2014 is the best year at Hollywood for the film  » 300 : The rise of an Empire«  retelling of the Battle of Salamis and 2013 for the Persy Jackson film series with new version of the Golden Fleece coming from Greek Mythology. 

2014 is the best year at Hollywood for the film  » 300 : The rise of an Empire » retelling of the Battle of Salamis :

but the real Greek History of Battle of Salamis is the following : 

Leonidas is dead (Get film « 300″ of 2006) because of disloyalty of Greek Ephialtes. The Persians are free now go to Athens in order to finally occupy Greece. Darius’ son or the Persian king Xerxes (from Turkey to West India) and Artemisia, Greek queen of Halicarnassus (Occidental Turkey) are allied to fight on sea at Salamis, near Athens against the Greek general Themistocles trying to defend Greece.

An information began to reach Xerxes of rifts in the allied command : the Peloponnesians wished to evacuate from Salamis while they still could. This alleged rift amongst the Allies may have simply been a ruse, in order to lure the Persians to battle.

The Greek fleet is numbered 310 triremes and is led by Themistocles and the Spartan Eurybiades vs 1200 Persian triremes boats. Approaching the Allied fleet in the crowded Straits of Salamis, the Persians seemed to become disorganised and cramped in the narrow waters but the Greek fleet was lined up, ready to win. Xerxes, sitting on Mount Aigaleos on his throne, witnessed the all carnage and defeat. Artemissia went back to Ephesus and her lands did well by their alliance with the Persians.


To understand this important part of Greek history which prevents Europe of Persian invasion, I suggest you reading the very nice book called « The Battle of Salamis » of 290 pages, written by Barry Strauss in 2005


2013 is the best year at Hollywood for the film  » Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters » directed by Thor Freudenthal. This movie is a nice highly fictionalized retelling of the Greek mythology concerning the Golden Fleece held to Colchis.

but the real Greek History of Golden Fleece held to Colchis is the following (in orange letters):

Percy (Phrixus, son of Athamas, king of Greek Boeotia continental region) recounts the story of Thalia (cloud goddess Nephele, mother of Phrixus) trying to protect Percy and his friends pursued by monsters (Ino, jealous stepmother of Percy)  who wants Percy and his brother the Cyclops Tyson (actually Helle, Phrixus’ sister) to be sacrificed.

Helped by Poseidon, she appeared to the children as a Pine tree (actually a winged ram whose fleece is of gold) which can save them. Chased by enemy, Tyson takes a crossbow in the chest before falling to the water, much to Percy’s shock (with Phrixus on the winged ram, Helle suddenly falls off and drown herself in strait now named Hellespont connecting Aegean sea to Sea of Marmara, south of Black Sea)

However encouraged, Percy takes the ram’s gold fleece to his friend who places the fleece on Thalia’s tree (arrived in Colchis today country of Georgia, the Gold Fleece is hung on an oak in a grove sacred to Ares, Olympian god of war). The Fleece is tree is strictly protected (in fact, by bulls and never sleeping dragon. And the fleece is sacrificed to Zeus in order to save Phrixus from scheduled death).


To buy the DVD « Persy Jackson: Sea of Monsters film 2013″, just click on the frame above on the left.

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