Top 5 best beaches in Greece 2014, DiscoverAllGreece’s Awards

What are the best beaches in Greece 2014 ? Here is my top 5 best beaches in Greece. The Top exotic beaches in the world are also in Greece. DiscoverAllGreece’s Awards 2014

DiscoverAllGreece Award for Egremni beach Lefkada , No 1 best island in Greece.

DiscoverAllGreece carried out its survey to let you know which are the 5 best islands in Greece. These five islands are also recognized as the best islands in Europe. Egremni beach in Kefalonia is one of the top 25 best islands in the world. Elafonisi beach, Balos beach in Crete and Vai beach in Kefalonia island are the best islands in all Europe.

To enjoy these beaches, go and see them in summer, better beginning of July or end of August month. And of course, the best time to enjoy wildly these beaches is June and September.

1. Egremni beach in Lefkada island (photos below), part of the Ionian islands west of Greece, is ranked one of the most beautiful islands in the world. In the southwestern coast of the island, a wild narrow beach will welcome you. This beach is ideal for those who seek tranquility and paradise beauty.



2. Elafonisi island beach (photos below), south of Peloponnese is one of the most beautiful beach in Europe. Enjoy this natural pure white sand beach with its very small islets which make you think you are in paradise.


3. Balos beach (photos below), Northwest of Crete island is one of the most beautiful beach in Europe. Located on the Gramvousa peninsula, enjoy this spectacular scenery with its white sand and large rocky hills in the middle. No, you are not dreaming…



4. Sarakiniko in Mylos island (photos below) in the Cycladic islands (center of Aegean sea) is one of the most beautiful beach in Europe. North of Milos island is famous its weird dentelated coastline with many beaches of crystal waters and carved rocks. You may surely be impressed.



5. Agios Saranta in Pelio, near Volos in continental Greece. In the wild and fresh nature of Mount Pilio. Take pleasure all day long on that perfect beach with its deep turquoise waters, on the shadow of rich green vegetation. Enjoy there Adam & Eve paradise.


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