Top 5 Evia island, destination of dream for vacations in Greece

Top 5 Evia island, destination of dream for vacations in Greece. Visit  the island of Evia or Euboea in Greece as Limni, Edipsos, Lichadonisia, Kymi and Halkida

Where is the island of Evia? Euboea island commonly known as Evia in Greek is the second largest island in Greece. It is about 180 km long and has 200,000 inhabitants.

How to get to the island of Evia? The main road is from Haldika town. Pass the bridge of Halkida, the largest city of the island. The road is very easy from Athens (80 kms). Living in Volos, means towards the north, I take the ferry north from mainland to Glyfa in order to arrive at Aghiokampos half an hour later.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για ευβοια 

Why visiting Evia? I think it’s a very beautiful island because it combines clear waters with lush vegetation. Coasts in the northern region are more pitturesque (abrupt sides) than these of the southern side. However, the half southern part of the island of Euboea is very beautiful.

  1. Aghia Anna and the north of Evia. The first time I visited the Euboea, I went to the northernmost part of the big island. I have been in Pefki, a pretty village surrounded by a pine forest and dark brown sand beaches. I loved the road to Vasilika at the edge of the coast under the plane trees. My stay ended in Aghia Anna, a friendly village with long flat beaches. I had booked at Agia Anna Apartments. Over the years I have visited the below places.

2. Limni is a beautiful coastal village on a hill with a panoramic view of the sea. It is surrounded by lush vegetation. We feel like being on an island. The neoclassical architecture of most of the 2-storey houses are from the 19th and 20th SC and it is very interesting to see it on the quay and in the narrow streets of the village. The seaside of the village is the most beautiful side in this village:You can sit at the cafes and ouzery at the edge of the sea. The late afternoon is lovely with the beautiful sunset. You can visit the Village Museum which is not bad at all !







Saint Christodoulou Hermitage. A small church I loved. You can head towards the western tip of the waterfront area of Limni, on a small paved road leading to Saint Christodoulou Hermitage. Very close to the rock, you can see the cave where the Saint lived as an ascetic.


Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Οσίου Χριστόδουλου λιμνη

For me, Limni is the most beautiful village in the north of Euboea. It is so picturesque and so cute! We can visit the quiet village of Roviès not very far away . Now, where to have an accomodation in Limni? I stayed with my husband and my daughter at the Astrolabe Hotel between Limni and Roviès for a good rest. Very good hotel, quiet with superb sunset … and very good price of accomodation

3. Loutra Aidipsos or the thermal baths of Edipsos is the most important destination of northern Euboea. The spa of antiquity was known worldwide. Its thermal and curative springs with the springs gushing from the deep earth. In the last 40 years, Edipsos has become the largest resort where Greek visitors. Especially seniors can enjoy the thermal baths. Today there are more than 80 thermal springs (temperatures ranging from 28 to 85 degrees Celcius) that cure arthritis, rheumatism, bone diseases, neuralgia and migraines, gynecological diseases, cerebral angiopathy. etc

It is also an area of great interest for archaeological discoveries. I also loved the churches all around, including the one of the « Kimisi Theotokou ». I also went to Edipsos with the idea of spending a weekend in a Spa. I was staying at the Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness Hotel, the best hotel in Edipsos. I especially enjoyed the exit of the hotel, at Cape Edipsos for my cocktail in the late evenings (photo below on the left).

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για evia greece  Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για aidipsos

4. Lihadonisia or the small Seychelles of Greece. It is a chain of 7 uninhabited islets. In a few words, I would say they are simply paradisiac green islands. Early in the morning, with my husband, I started my way from Loutra Edipsou to reach the boat « Ta Ehi Ola » and arrive at the northern tip of Euboea, with destination Lichadonisia. We arrive on the beach of Aghios Nikolaos to bypass the bay of Gialtra. In the center of the bay,you can see the sandy beach of Korfos. We continue towards the beach of Mylos. Next stop, Gregolimano and Chrysi Akti near the Club Med but we avoid these cosmic beaches. We arrive at the picturesque port of Aghios Georgios with its cafes. It still remains 4 km to the beach of Kavos with its small shells (photo below on the right).


Arrived at Kavos, we take a river boat that guides us to Lichadonisia. Lihadonisia are small volcanic islets are no longer inhabited because of the archaeological discoveries that have taken place there. The largest of the islets is called Monolia (photo lower left) and it is famous for its beach with turquoise waters and clear sand.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για παραλία μονολια ευβοια Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για monolia evia

We have an impressive tour towards a wreck in the water at a depth of 5 meters. A pleasant little surprise: we saw the passing of two seals. Their presence is frequent because Monachus monachus seals are protected species in the region. At night, they eat fish on the hooks that are about to be brought back to the boats … all this to the dismay of the fishermen. The trip continues towards the island of Stroggyli with its imposing lighthouse (photo below on the right).
Today, these islands are an ideal destination for a day trip. The evening, we are back to Edipsos.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για evia greece     Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για lichadonisia

5. Kymi is a village on the northeast coast of the peninsula of Euboea. The village of Kymi is a beautiful with a lush vegetation and the carved stone houses. Kymi is built in amphitheater with a beautiful sea view. It is the reason why Greeks call the village « balcony of the Aegean ». You can visit the folk museum, the beautiful churches and the house of Georges Papanikolaou (this great Doctor who discovered the Pap test) etc. I discovered this village a few years ago … in fact, I had gone there in order to embark for the island of Skyros, a destination I delayed in order to discover the area of Kymi. The port of Kymi that is 4 kms from Kymi is very active and it was also active in the past because you can still see some galleries of extraction of lignite. Returning to the mountainous village of Kymi,  I ate well in a taverna and I made my supply of local products (cherries, figs, olives).


Visit the beaches around Kymi, respectively Kymi beach and Naftiko beach. The beach of Psatha (without photo). Visit the village of Chile 5 kms north of Kymi (photo above on the right). A small bay that I loved.


6. Halkida is the capital and main port of the island of Evia. It is a town of 60,000 inhabitants built on the both sides of the Euripus Strait (one side on the island of Euboea and the other in mainland Greece). On the mainland of the Kanithos Hill, the castle of Karababa dominates and the bridge of Evripos dominates also. You can discover the unique phenomenon of change in direction of the water, every 6 hours from the old bridge. You can see the 2 bridges of Halkida, the old and the new (photo below with the old one ).
Visits of the monuments in Halkida. You can visit the folk museum and the archaeological Museum of the city. You can see the « Red House » of the Mallou family located on the north side of the city (photo below on the left). It was built in 1884 by the French architect Fleggis. It now belongs to the municipality of Halkida. You can see the Emir Zade Mosque of the 15th century which now has Byzantine collections, mosaics and ceramics.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Τζαμί Εμίρ Ζαδέ χαλκιδα Emir Mosq. Eretria


7. Eretria (Photos below). If the city of Halkida is very beautiful, it is not at Hhaldida town that I would suggest you to stay: To have a dream vacations by the seaside, I chose Eretria. I stayed at the Sun Rise Hotel & appartments. We visited the villages during the day and we used to come to our hotel appart in the evening. We loved Eretria with its archaeological site but also for the beaches under the palm trees. We loved the village of Aramanthos also with its narrow beaches and its very simple taverns nearby the the seaside.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για ancient eretria The ancient Eretria destroyed by the Persian king Darius the first in 490 BC, before going to Marathon for a battle he was about to lose.

Have you ever traveled in the very large island of Euboea ‘? What are the places you liked?

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