Traditional greek Fasolada recipe

Traditional greek Fasolada recipe is white dry beans soup from healthy mediterranean diet. Authentic Greek Fasolada soup recipe is easy to make, cheap and highly beneficial for your health and recommended also to vegetarians vegans included. 

Healthy benefits of beans will make Fasolada soup (Φασολάδα in Greek means Beans soup) No 1 in your daily diet.

Choose to buy only uncooked dry beans. They are cheap and have no preservatives. They keep a long time (5 years or more) in a dark and dry environment ! Buy them in the supermarkets of your area, at open-air market or buy Greek white dry beans here on

Why should you eat beans ? Because beans nutrition facts are remarkable: Beans have to be boiled and cooked first and then, they offer many very beneficial effects to your health as following:

  • Their soluble fibers helps to process fats, lower cholesterol and slow releases of carbohydrates into the bloodstream.
  • Best source of fibers, they reduce your calories price and work against constipation.
  • Rich enough in proteins that we need. 
  • Champion of the low GI food groups. When digestion starts, it takes a long time to burn beans. That’s why your blood sugar isn’t much affected.
  • Beans are only 2-3% fat. They raise your leptin levels and reduce appetite, while causing your metabolism to work harder and faster.
  • Canned beans are high in sodium. If you need low sodium intake level for lower lood pressure, stick with dry beans.
  • Rich in vitamins B (for healthy brain and nerve cells) calcium (strong bones and teeth), vitamins C, potassium (reduces high blood pressure and stroke) Folate B (help protect against heart disease and cancer with folic acid) magnesium (for heart and bone health) and iron (helps prevent anemia)

Preparation of Greek Fasola recipe For 2 persons.

Ingredients : 1/2 kg haricot beans, 1 large onion grated, 2 carrots diced, 1 tablespoons roughly chopped celery root, 1 tablespoon tomato paste, 150 ml olive oil, Salt and pepper.
Soak the beans overnight. The next day, put the beans in a deep pan with largely covered with water. Start boiling them and 10 minutes after, with a wooden spoon, take the froth coming up to the surface out.
After they come to the boil simmer for more 10 minutes. Remove the beans and drain them in a colander. Put them back in the pan and add enough boiled water to cover them. Add all the remaining ingredients and let stew the soup for 1 1/2 hour or until the beans are tender and the soup creamy. And it is ready to be served !
My experience : Fasolada soup is the greek national food and, in winter, Greeks cook it one a week. Greek people stand by Cretan mediterranean diet : legumes and fresh vegetables cooked for hours on the fire with olive oil (greek blood) are their way to eat. Greek fasolada recipe is simple and everybody in my family loves it !
For more traditional Greek recipes coming from the old times in Greece, I propose you to buy here the e-book « Authentic Greek Recipes » (you can look inside clicking on the book) » written by Maria AlvonitouMaria Avlonitou lives on the island of Corfu in Greece and comes from a family of chefs. Her recipes combine know-how with the simplicity of local, traditional Greek cooking. This book is excellent. My cousin bought it last year and I had the opportunity to check it with my own « greek eyes ».


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