Travel to Chios island in Greece

   Travel to Chios island in Greece to discover the beauty of northern Greek islands. Visit Chios island Greece with its crystalline water, its stony old houses, its prominent byzantine churches, its windmills, its traditions and cuisine. Chios greek island in the Aegean sea is another gem in Greece…

Where is Chios island ?  Chios is 7 kilometres off the Turkish coast. 5th biggest island of Greece, it has 850 km3 and a population of 52.000. To get there, there is daily flight from Athens airport. Of course, you can take ferry to get the island (duration 8 hours) In this way, it would be a nice cruise. See map below


Where to stay in Chios Greece ? Last year, my family and I decided to go to Chios island and stay south of the island for more quiet holidays, near by the medieval village of Mesta in Chios. If you like more cosmopolitan live, better is to stay at Chios town. At Chios, we had rent a car and from Mesta, we could go and visit all the island of course. We stayed at the perfect Lida Mary studios a wonderfully decorated complex giving character to our holidays on Chios island as you can see below (hotel on the left, Avlonia beach at 4 kms from our hotel).


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