Try handmade leather sandals from Greece

Try handmade leather sandals from Greece. In Greece. Everywhere in Greece, you will find nice cheap traditional Greek hard-wearing sandals.

Why should I buy Greek leather sandals ? For many reasons, it is a good choice given that :

  • Sandals are footwear popularly worn in the entire world for a very very long time,


  • Greeks shoemakers turned leather sandalmaking into a kind of art and into a fashionable item of wearers’ wardrobes. Even celebrities wear sandals with Greek style,
  • In Greece, leather sandals are made in high-quality, with a love for the craft.

  • Greek sandals can protect feet after many hours of hill or town walking in Greece for example, during your holidays. They remain the first choice for comfortable summer time.
  • Risk of developing foot fungus is reduced by more than 75% when you wear sandals rather than closed toe shoes


What is the history of sandals in Greece ? The word “sandal” is derived from the Greek word “sandalon”. In mythology. the Greek god Hermes is often pictured with sandals. Actually, most of ancient Greeks simply went barefoot, only wealthy citizens and soldiers wore sandals. There were two types of ancient Sandals. The plant sandals were called Baxa and they were made from papyrus, willow leaves etc and were worn by priests or philosophers. Cothurnus sandals had lacings reaching the middle of the leg and were used to wear by hunters and men with rank and authority.

Where can we find handmade Greek leather sandals ? You can find them…

  • in Athens, in famous area of Monastiraki : very good sandals at very good prices
  • during the tourist season in all famous Greek islands but also in Greek mainland (in small towns)
  • on line shop



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