Visit Naxos island in Greece

Is Naxos a good island to visit ? Yes, visit Naxos island in Greece for its natural beauty and history. Naxos is one of the best Cyclades greek islands to visit for its beautiful villages and beaches. It’s really worth going and discover this island but what to do in Naxos island ?

  Portara   Naxos castle

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για naxos map   Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για naxos map

Where is Naxos located ?  Naxos is a the largest of the Cyclades island group in the middle of the Aegean sea. Naxos is a fertile independant island with a sufficient and good supply of water. Mount Zeus (1000 m high) is the highest peak in the Cyclades group. The main town in the island is Chora (7 000 inhabitants). Its marble is exported and its agricultural products are cheeses, wine, honey and Kitro, a liqueur made from the fruit and leaves of the citron tree.

How to get to Naxos island ? There are two ways to arrive on the island. From Athens, the first option is to take a flight and the second is to embark on a boat. Taking a ferry is much more practical if you go from an island to another one. For instance, a trip by ferry from Paros has a duration of one hour and costs about 10 Euros today. I visited Naxos in 2002 and I remember having taken a ferry from Paris. Then, my husband and I rent a car because our daughter was just 4 years-old.

Where is the best place to stay in Naxos ? We stayed at Paradisia Villas hotel, a really nice hotel with a stunning view of the sea and the town and port of Chora. Actually, we were 10 minutes away from this main town. Our appartement was very clean and had a fully equipped kitchen. And I really appreciated our afternoon swims in the great pool of the hotel.

What to do in Naxos islandQue voir à Naxos ?  There are so many things to do in Naxos island in Greece, all the more reason that it’s a big island. There is surely an activity for you who have a passion for :

  • natural environments (visit the small villages, scuba diving in the crystalline Aegean water
  • history (admire the Kouros, visit the archaeological museum, the Acient site of Chalki, etc)
  • relaxation (lay on the nice beaches of the island, walk in the villages)

1. Start visiting the town of Naxos or Chora. It’s so lively and picturesque. The drive along the sea is absolutely amazing. Then, stand at Portara, the Apollo Temple’s entrance (6 m & 20 tons, 5th cent.B.C). The sunset at 8h30 is startlingly romantic (photos on the top of the article).


The long walk in front of Chora, the town of Naxos, will lead you to Portara (photo above on the left). The seafront of Chora (photo above on the right.

2. Vivlos’ village where we can se windmills.


3. The colourful village of Filoti. A green village 400m high in amphitheatre. I tasted there the typical food of Naxos

 Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για filoti naxos


Graviera Naxou                                Potatoes of Naxos with salt and hard cheese Kefalotyri  

and as digestif, I bought myself a kitro …. delicious ! 

4. The most beautiful beaches of Naxos are located in the west side of the island :

    Kastraki beach

and I loved Moutsouna village gently beaten by the wind

5. Apollonas village , north of Naxos where we discovered a kouros laid down….

6. Melanès village is not far away. At Flerio, in  an olivaie, we easily found another Kouros (of the 7th cent. BC). Going on towards Kinidaros village, we discover the White marble site of Naxos, one of the most precious marble of Greece. In the evening at Kinidaros, my family and I had a great time : We ate in an outdoor taverna with grilled meat, white wine and danses till late, during the village feast names « Paniyiri ».



My experience : Naxos is a big island of 12.000 inhabitants but we feel like being in the continental part of Greece. It is an economically independant island, rich in water, meat, fruits and vegetables. In 2002, Naxos was calm…. I was delighted having dinner every evening in the tavernas of the island (we could have fresh fish, for the connoisseurs). The town is so well constructed with its many attractive shops reaching the castle. Agios Giorgios area is wonderful with its beaches very near by Naxos town. You wil learn how Greek people live, only if you visit the villages of the island : I liked to sit in the cafenio of the villages of the island and talk with the dwellers. I felt that Greeks can see the truth of life everyday and hence know how to enjoy themselves as life is short. They are people willing very hard to keep their customs..

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