Visit Samos island in Greece

Visit Samos island in Greece in the Dodecanese but what are the things to do in the island ? In case you need good advise for a nice greek island to visit, here I am.

Why going and seeing the island of Samos in Greece? Because it is simply a very beautiful Greek island Yes, visiting the island of Samos in Greece is a must. Discovering the island of Samos is enjoying a verdant island, rich in history with beaches coming right away from paradise. However, in Samos island what to do exactly?


But where is Samos? Samos is a Greek island, part of the northern islands of Greece in the Aegean Sea. The island is close to Turkey (1,3 km). Samos has 30.000 inhabitants and a surface of 475 km2 with the mountainous pick of Kerkis (1.440 m)


Accomodation in Samos? We arrive in Samos with flights from the major cities of France via Athens, Thessaloniki or Heraklion. For Samos, just book a long time in advance in order to get the best prices. My family and I were on vacation there with another couple a few years ago at Elaia Villas (see photo above) 1,5 km from the village of Potokaki. It’s a great place near the sea, 15 kms from Vathy. The house we had had everything we needed. We did our shopping at Potokaki, Pythagorio were we often spent our evenings.

What to see in Samos island? 1. The town of Samos, the capital of the town, is built in amphitheatre at the bottom of a large gulf, near the port of Kato Vathi and it still keeps its old colors till today. If you go up on a slight hill via a nice street till Ano Vathi, you will be delighted. It is a town you must visit: windy streets are surrounded by white houses with green and blue windows. The small wooden balconies filled me with a kind of happiness. In the town of Samos, I visited the archaeological museum which is really superb with its kouros of 5 m high found on the archaeological site of Heraion (see photo below on the left) and I liked the Museum of Byzantine art also. I liked the colors and the local churches.


2. The village of Kokkari is a pretty village 10kms in the north west of Vathi, bordering the sea at the end of a gentle valley. It is quite touristic with a lot of taverns and cafes but the village keeps its colors and its architecture that reminds me vividly the architecture of Ano Vathi. A little further on, go to the superb beach of Tsamadou (photo above on the right) or on the nice beach of Avlakia.

3. The village of Vourliotès is a mountainous village south of Avalakia which is my stunning. It is literally bathed in the foliage of plane trees and other tree bringing freshness (photo lower on the left). Its alleys are  picturesque and its houses are typical of the island. I went to see the monastery of Panagia Vrontani a few kilometers away from the village. I appreciated its interior (photo lower on the right) with the icon of the Virgin all made of silver.


4. The village of Karlovasi is a real gem in the rich and fresh vegetation of Samos. Springs, waterfalls, coves with wild beaches and neo-classical-style houses that match well with the more modern buildings of the village. It was a famous village in the 20th cent. with its port, its production of tobacco and leather processing. Its churches Agia Triada on the Acropolis of the village (see photo lower left) and St Nicholas are so beautiful. And, at 2 kms from Carlovasi, I loved the sandy beach with the greenery coming up to the beach (see photo below right)

5. The village of Marathokampos is a village I visited the next day. I think it is one of the most beautiful villages on the island. It is a fishing village where the inhabitants also grow the olive for food or for soap. It is located at the foot of Mount Kerkis near a bay where the waters are turquoise and where you can start sports. From the beautiful beach of Votsalakia, you can start an interesting trekking on the slopes of the mountain.


6. The village of Μytilinii is still a beauty on the island of Samos at 12 kms from Vathi. A new day rises on this extraordinary island. In Mytilinii, visit the Natural History Museum whose fossils were discovered during the excavations of 1887 (photo below). The latter showed that Samos was once a peninsula of Minor Asia.


7. The site of Heraion (Heraion on the map above and on the photo below on the right) is a very interesting archaeological site: a Ionian shrine whose cult is held in the name of the goddess of Olympus Hera, wife of Zeus, goddess born in Samos. The earliest traces of the sanctuary’s construction date back to 8th sc BC. Apart from the temple of Hera, one of the largest in the ancient Greek world, you will find the ruins of edifices from the Hellenistic and Roman period and a Christian basilica. The site has only one standing column of the temple of Polycrates (politician tyrant of Samos, 6th cent. BC) doted of 155 columns. Like most of the shrines of worship for the gods of Olympus, the site was razed by the Christian Byzantines on the 4th century. In 1992, it was registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site.
8. The village of Pythagorion is 12 kms away from Vathy (photo above on the left). It is the mathematician Pythagoras born in Samos who inspired the name of the village. I spent a whole day visiting this small port city. You can see the below things:
  • The harbor and the modern statue of Pythagoras,
  • The Old theatre,
  • The aqueduct of Eupalinos which was a real tunnel one km long under the mountain. An incredible work from the 6th cent BC
  • The tower of the leader of the Revolt of 1821, Lykourgos Logothetis and next to the tower, the Church Metamorphosis tou Sotira (in english, Metamorphosis of the Savator, celebrated on the 6th of August) contructed in 1831 by L. Logothetis in honor of the victorious naval Battle of the Greeks in Mykalis in August 1824 (photo above right),
  • 1 km away from Pythagoras, the church of Panagia Spiliani is literally dug into the rock.

My experience: The island of Samos is of a spectacular beauty. I told as much as I could about the main places I visited but there is a long story to tell. You need at least 15 days to see the whole island and not a week. It is a verdant island and therefore so lively: I loved to sink into nature and to discover peaceful coves and… I saw a seal ! (island where we protect this creature). All my trekking experiences have been unforgettable. The gorges invite you to climbing and the coast to scuba-diving. For those who like windsurfing, just get carried away by the permanent winds in the south of the island. I daren’t to tell you that I took over a kilo for sure: The specialties of the island are succulent like the lamb in oven, the stuffed vegetables, the flan Boureki and the local cheese …. the whole sprinkled with the sweet wine of Samos … I won’t tell you more ….

If you have been in the island of Samos, what have been your experiences ?




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