Visit Serifos island in Greece

Visit Serifos island in Greece. Where is serifos island ? An island in the cyclades of Greece. This nice island in Greece is amazing. One of the coolest islands in Greece I’ve ever visited. Let me talk about this island

   Lia beach

Where is Serifos island ? Serifos is in the western Cyclades. It has 75km2 and about 1.500 inhabitants. ,a population3The area is 75.207 square kilometres (29.038 sq mi) and the population was 1,420 at the 2011 census.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για serifos cyclades map  

Serifos hotels luxury : I’ve been on the island a few years ago with my family. I stayed at Maroussa appartments (photos below). It was good value for .money. A paradisal location with a stunning view on the Aegean sea…  a row of islets could be seen in the far distance. Good hotel facilities and near by the beahces of Livadi and Livadakia.


1. Livadi is the village visitors can see on their way out of the ferry boat, in the port. It’s one of the main big villages of the island with its white cube-like house of Cycladic style. Livadi is located in the southeast of the island in a bay which provide a shield against the wind. Livadi is 5 kms away from Chora (main town) and Livadakia close to Livadi with a really nice beach and a camping.


2. Galani and the monastery of Taxiarchon.  It’s in the north of the island at about 7km from Chora. The monastery is like a fortress built in 1572 dedicated to Archangels Michael and Gabriel. The monastery is surrounded by 10m high walls and a 4m high entrance as a protection against pirate invasions as it was known that it had inestimable treasures inside the monastery. We can see superb frescoes from the famous hagiographer and cretan priest Emmanuel Skordilis.


The monastery of Taxiarchon is located not far from Galani village. The cubic houses with whitewashed walls harmoniously scattered on the arid slopes of the surroundings hills. The sinuous paths are cute and the seaview is absolutely amazing. A minor road leads to Sykamia bay with its nice beach.

3. Lefkos Pyrgos (= The White Tower). It’s located at Megalo Livadi village. A circular edifice from the Hellenistic period (- 323 au – 30 av.J.C.). This tower was an ancient fryctoria (torches lit and placed atop towers for communication) and might have been a lookout post. The archaeologists are now there to restore it. You get a beautiful view on Koutalas bay, southeast of Serifos.



4. Serifos on the beach. More than 60 small and larger beached are located on the island. They are all fantastic. What could I say more ? No comments…  the photos speak for themselves



Karavi beach                                               Agios Sostis beach


Psili ammos beach                                              A proximite de Kalo Ampeli beach


Mega Livadi beach et les mines                                               Agios Ioannis beach, Serifos

    Ganema beach



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