Visit the beautiful island of Kos in Greece

Visit the beautiful island of Kos in Greece. This Greek island of the Dodecanese combines ancient and new times. That’s why today it attracts so many visitors each year. It is one of the most wonderful islands in Greece. In any case, this Hippocrates’ island is unique and beautiful since it is gifted from gods and humans.

Map of Kos

How to go to Kos ? Kos has international airport with many direct flights from many town of Europe. You can also reach the island by boat from the other island of the Dodecanese. Arriving at Kos, I recommend you to rent a car to visit and discover the entire island.

Where to stay at Kos island ? Personnaly, I went there in 2001 and stayed at the luxiourious  Aegean Houses at 10′ walk from town. The studio we had were fabulous : large and clean. My husband and I were together with our 3 years daughter then. Nice place to recharge our batteries…

Discover Kos town, a beautiful place to see :  You must come prepared if you want to see some of the great sights. In each case you will spend a lot of your time in the capital of the island. If you want to use a car you mustn’t ignore the traffic since you will travel in the narrow and sinuous roads. Have a tour at the medieval towers under the palm trees (see photo below) and next to parks full of flowers. At the edge of the port you will be impressed by the double wall that encases the coast, the well maintained and worth a visit castle of the Ioannites knights or the Castle of Neratzia.


Kos’ main town swanks under the sunbeam and charms you with the numerous historical sights everywhere on the island even in town. The inheritance we gained from the ancient greeks is the one that impresses the visitors in many archeological areas.


That part of the town is the most pleasant for a walk as there are many interesting places where you can drink a coffee or go shopping. Parts of ancient murals of the 4th century A.C. (photo above on the left) coexist with ruins of a church of the 5th century D.C. with relics of old priests from the hellenistic period and with Corinthian columns from the Holy Place of Pandimou Afrodite. On the west side, tracks of ancient road lead to the ancient gym, at Nymphaio, at the Roman baths at the old Christianic church (photo above on the right). Ancient Kos was famous for her mosaics, however few samples have remained till today since the Ioannites knights didn’t really take care of their transportation to the castle of Rhodes. Οne of the most beautiful mosiacs is at the Roman House and shows the kidnapping of Europe.

 In the House of the Rape of Europe, Kos town

The affects of the Minoan but also Mycenaean civilization won’t be missing, fact that is evaluated by the excavations which brought to light parts of some ancient colonies. One visit to the archeological museum at the spacious square of Liberty (2 photos below) will complete the idea you will have fom that brilliant place. It is the  »cultural lighthouse » of the ancient world since you can admire there the artistic sumptuousnesses from the excavations. Today, we have wonderful statues , mosaics, vases and sculptures of all the historical phases (see photo below on the left).

And don’t forget that Kos was once the home of Hippokrates, founder of the medical science. Near the castle there is still an Eternal Plane tree said to be planted by Hippocrates. He studied with his students in it’s shadow. Today that cool corner is a place where you will find painters and it is one of the most colourful spots of the town (2 photos below).


 The Asclepeion is healing temple

But, today Kos is known for her intense tourism, thing that doesn’t always fit the natural environment of the island. However Kos’ beaches always has its golden sand. The mountains are rich in trees and villages in natural beauty (below one beach of Kos and Asfendiou village)




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