What is the meaning of greek evil eye ?

  What is the meaning of greek evil eye called in Greece Matiasma ? It’s an evil eye curse from somebody who has envy or zealous admiration for somebody. Why Greek people believe deeply in evil eye ? What is specific about Greek evil eye belief ?

Why Greek people believe deeply in evil eye ? The Greek traditional belief of Evil Eye is an ancient superstition met in many cultures around the Mediterranean sea from the Ancient times and it has been unskakeably deeply widespread among Greek people who are very religious and supersticious. Usually, children are more vulnerable to evil eye because Greeks say that it can cause injury or even death ! That is the meaning of evil eye bracelet around their wrist just after their birth.

What is Greek evil eye ? In Greece, you will not be considered foolish if you suddenly assume to be victim of evil eye curse or an harmful glance.  Greeks believe in matiasma.

What is Greek Evil Eye symptoms ? : You have sudden horrible headhache, weakness and nausea but you can’t find logical explanation for your very weird state : unusual discomfort, dizziness and loss of bearings. Do not split hairs! You are evil eyed or   » matiasmenos  » as Greeks say.

How to prevent and how to be treated from Evil Eye or  » matiasma  » (in greek ) ?

  • As Greek people have, you can have at home, at office, in your car or more efficiently on your body, an apotropaic « mataki » or a greek blue eye charm, an evil eye bracelet or an evil eye necklace or/and ring or any other evil eye jewelry to ward against the evil eye (with your Jesus Christ cross or not).
  • You can tell somebody (a greek grandparent) who knows the exorcizing prayers to relieve you. The Greek evil eye is cast away through the process of xematiasma (ξεμάτιασμα in greek). First, the healer says the prayer with mention of your name. Then he takes a deep dish full of water and let a drop of olive oil falling onto the water, performs the sign of the cross three times and spits in the air three times. The more the oil drop is spilled over the water, the more you were evil eyed !
Does Greek church recognize the matiasma ? Well, yes since there is faith in God. The church calls it Vaskania  and has a special prayer made especially to those on whom curse falls. But the Evil eye exorcism  has to be done by people from Greek society, not by a priest. Grandparent, relatives and friends can be taught the prayer by a priest and can treat you, even over the phone. My greek mother-in-law treats me whenever I feel evil eye’s falling on me…

Where to buy evil blue eye charms , evil eye bracelet , evil eye necklaces ?  You can find them everywhere in Greece of course, but in your country you can buy them online . Here are some of thems I chose for you.

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