What is the relation of Santorini island in Greece and the lost city of Atlantis ?

What is the relation of Santorini island in Greece and the myth of Atlantis ? Is Atlantis fake or not ? Is Atlantis in Greece ? Is Atlantis really at the bottom of the ocean ? I will try to answer these questions…

  The lost city of Atlantis, according to Plato

Who talked about Atlantis first ? The philosopher of Ancient Greece talked first about the lost city of Atlantis in his dialogues Timaeus and Critias in 360 BC. He said that 11.000 years ago there was an island located far away from Greece in the middle of the Atlantic ocean populated by a powerful nation. The people there were wealthy taking advantages of natural resources, trade and commerce. The rulers of this land held sway over the people and land of their own island and well into Europe and Africa. According to him, it was a powerful city in the 10th millenium BC that couldn’t take Athens town and sand into the sea in a single night.

Is Atlantis real or fake ? Plato talked about a huge island swallowed up by the sea and vanished into the bottom of the sea. Where did Plato take some so weird elements from ? Did he refer to real event of the past before he lived ? First of all, in 1969, Greek seismologist Angelos Galanopoulos declared that Plato’s dating of 9.000 years before Solon’s period (7th century BC) constitued a mistake in translation, probably from Egyptian into Greek producing « 1.000″ instead of « 100″.  900 years before Solon would be the 15th century BC. Consequently, we can suppose that Plato describes an event of that period, somewhere in the Mediterranean sea. It could be Thira or Santorini destruction by a powerful earthquake, story embellished by the writter and philosopher Plato. To conclude, let’s say that Atlantis really existed.

What is the relation of Santorini island in Greece and the lost city of Atlantis ? The Thira volcanic eruption heard over 3000 miles away dated in the 15 or 16th century BC provoked a enormous tsunami sinking part of Thira but also devastating the Minoan Civilization with Knossos palace etc on the north coast of Crete Island in Greece. That leads to believe that this may have been the catastrophe that inspired the story described by Greek philosopher Plato. Atlantis city island Plato tells about was a circular island with concentric structures. Consequently, it is hard to believe that it is far away from Thera or Santorini

 Santorini island

Is Atlantis really at the bottom of the ocean ?  Maybe yes, maybe no. Apart from Santorini explanation, Plato may also refer to coastal city being all covered by huge tsunami waves. In 1970, Greek archaeologist Spyridon Marinatos identified Atlantis with Minoan Crete. Perhaps Crete was the continent Plato told us about. Santorini, with which Crete had narrow ties, would have been a smaller island. However, assuming that Atlantis could be Akrotiri (discovered by S. Marinatos on Santorini island) covered by the volcanic ashes of Santorini, concludes that Santorini could be also the lost Atlantis.

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