Would you like a cup of Greek coffee Elliniko ?

Would you like a cup of Greek coffee Elliniko ? If, when arrived in Greece, you decide to drink greek traditional coffee, order one « Elliniko ».  It is a kind of coffee also called Turkish coffee  with coffee grounds settled in your cup. This coffee has singular taste and you should try it.

Anyone of us can drink the Greek coffee café Elliniko (in greek “Ελληνικό means greek -adj-), at any time, at home, at office hours or into any Greek café in Greece. It is originally consumed in traditional Greek cafés only for men existing in all Greece but even more often everywhere in Turkey.

At first, Greeks called it Turkish coffee in their own country. Gradually, they called it Elliniko since the departure of the Turks or Ottomans in 1910 more or less.

We make the greek coffee Elliniko and serve it in the traditional longhandled coffee copper pot (Briki in greek) which is wide at the bottom and narrow from bottom to top. This helps it boil quickly.

Nowadays, in the greek cafés, Elliniko coffee is served without briki (now very often made of steel). It is all ready in a little cup with a fresh glass of water. You can have the Greek coffee Elliniko in three different tastes as following:

In greek
Vari glyko strong and almost honey-sweet
Metrios medium with half teaspoonful
Sketos without sugar

How to make greek coffee Elliniko at home ? First, take a little cup in which you put water in  to the brim. Then, pour the water into your briki or coffee pot, add a teaspoon of coffee and as much sugar as you want. Over medium heat, place the briki on the heat. Do not stir but swirl the briki until the coffee and sugar have dissolved.  As soon as the coffee foams, remove it from the heat and pour into the cup vigourously but gently. Acting this way, you will keep a thick layer (called kai-imaki kaimaki in greek) on top. Here is the key of a good Greek coffee Elliniko.

My experience : In Greece, the ritual of drinking Elliniko occurs at least once a day but for me it is twice. The first one at my office, after a light breakfast made of cake or cookies and the other one late in the afternoon. This coffee has to be drunk unhurriedly, as Greek people use to drink it. It is a kind of coffee easy done : just follow the instructions precisely.The success lies in the production of a solid foam (Kaimaki) on top of the cup.

Where could I find the ingredients ? You can find the Greek coffee Elliniko in a greek shop selling greek products but you could find it easier online. You will find also in Amazon.com the coffee pot briki



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