Yanni music composer from Greece

  Yanni Greek music composer from Greece is unique. We are in tranports of undescribable pleasure listenning to Yanni contemporary instrumental new age music. Yanni musician profile is low even if he travels a lot. Yanni piano player can make you fell really good…

Yanni biography : Yanni Chrissomallis is his name and he was born in 1954 in Kalamata, in the Peloponnese in South Greece. He moved at 18 years-old to the U.S : Studying Psychology in the University of Minnesota, he also studied piano and keyboard instruments. After good level in music, he understood that music would be his life.

Yanni musician profile :  In his music, Yanni uses jazz, classical, soft rock and world music to get mostly instrumental works. His international fame wasn’t long coming when he gaved concerts at historic monuments. Yanni employs musicians of various nationalities and uses diverse exotic instruments in his orchestras. In that way, he creates eclectic fusion of ethnic sounds in his music. Influenced by his voyages through the world, I would say that his music is really coming from his heart and he always says that his music reflect his “one world, one people” philosophy.

Yanni’s fame : His breakthrough concert  in 1993 took the 2nd best selling music video of all time. I saw his concert under the mythical Athenian Parthenon surraounded by 2.000 people and I just was admirably carried away by the magical music on stage. The sound professionalism was obvious and Yanni was beautiful playing on his piano… The concert was a 45 mns non-stop touching music playing… Below a song dedicated to his mother Felitsa at this Acropolis concert.


In the 1990s : At least 15 of Yanni’s albums took No 1 place in Billboard’s Top New Age Album category. Two albums Dare to Dream and In my Time (1992-3) succeeded in receiving Grammy nominations. 

In the 2000s : The live album and video Yanni Live! The Convert Event became Billboard’s 4 best-selling New Age album (2006-7). In 2009, for the first time in his career, adopting a new look, Yanni brought vocalists to the forefront in the Ric Wake collaboration the artist’s first studio album in six years. Yanni explains : « While most of the music I write is instrumental, I love to use the human voice as another instrument. »


In the 2010s : Return to world tours in South America (2010), in Mexico, North America and 15 stops in Eastern Europe and Asia (all that in 2011). The truth of touck become the top-selling New Age album of 2011. The music has contemporary instrumental, electronic, cinematic influences and crossed over into popular, new age and world music.

In 2012, with « An Evening with Yanni » tour in Mexico, in the U.S (66 stops) and Canada (14 stops) and in South America. In 2013 « World Without Borders » tour included stops in Arab countries and East Europe. Yanni’s 2010-2013 tours included new vocalists, distinct from the 2008–2009 Yanni Voices vocalists. In 2014 « World Tour », Yanni takes us to South America!

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